Saturday, March 29, 2014

CA State Railway Museum

We made great use of this rainy day! Arielle and I had manicures.  I had gel polish put on 3 weeks ago and it lasted well. Arielle had it put on today and one has already come off. 

We picked out glasses for me. The lady said they were "bold," and said, "I wear glasses and I don't care. I'm 50 and it doesn't bother me."

Arielle swore she didn't hear it say all that. ::snort:: I hope I can get used to the progressive....

When we got home, we loaded into the van, for a family field trip.  Arielle drove us to Old Sacramento!  She did a great job. 

We bought a family membership at the CA State Railroad Museum...we'll begin saving money on our second trip. One trip through proved we'll need more trips to cover the riches in this location. 

Alex is happiest to sit and watch the crowds meander by.

I kept looking to show him something exciting and he would have found a new spot to perch. ::snort::

Stacia, on the other hand, enjoyed exploring the hands on exhibits.

Which one is scarier? 

One exhibit was a sleeping and dining car on was fun. 

This set up was a bit alarming when you rounded the corner. In the trains heyday they served 300 dinners a day from this care. 

Dining in style 

We really enjoyed the postal car. We met Leo (we think that's his name), who actually worked in a postal car from 1962-1966.

The sign to the right is a crack up.

He was fascinating!  History always comes alive when you meet someone who is passionate about their topic.

 Michael asked Leo what a typical day looked like for him when he worked on a postal car. The stories flowed! He walked us through every part of the car.   He is an engaging story teller and filled in lots of fun details.....he even demonstrated throwing and catching the mail at the stops where the railway refused to stop. ::grin::  I'm not sure how often he works at the museum, but it would be worth it to find out. BTW -that is Michael's "thinking face," combined with the near-sighted squint.
This is a really nice museum. We are impressed and will be back. It was a great rainy day trip.

We were hungry as we left the museum, so we walked around Old Sac until we found spots to please each of us. Arielle and I settled for fried veggies, while the others found an Italian buffet.

Arielle drove us safely home, where we sat in the hot tub, did some laundry, made s'mores in the oven and overall - just chilled.
Choosing Joy!
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