Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August Garden Update

 I've started clearing out the garden... there are still several things I'm hoping will produce if given a bit more time.  I'm hoping the Brussel Sprouts (left) will produce if I clear space around them and cut off some of the greenery. I've taken a lot of cabbage from this bed already but have a few left. 

Cauliflower is just making small heads

I don't have a lot of hope for the beets, but we can have some beet greens if nothing else. 

I'm turning this empty bed into a lasagna bed. I'm alternating layers of green with brown and will let it compost. The cabbage leaves provide a green layer. 

I alternated with straw and am ready for another green layer. 

Dash! This is a great rabbit! 

Some veggies for dinner and lunch tomorrow. 

We were late planting and it's rained a lot this year. I am not going to have a lot to preserve, but we're getting some to eat.  I never got a lot of the garden planted this year, but I feel good about doing what I could. I'll figure out how to balance the need to be with Grandpa and the need to be outside. I had thought he'd want to come out and sit in the sunshine, but he really didn't want to. I'll come up with new strategies to entice him outside next year. 

Random August Post/ First Day School Pictures

 A highlight of August was Walt, Dad's childhood friend, visiting. Walt, his wife, his daughter and her family came up. We enjoyed spending time with friends....

Cookie Dough Wars of 2021 

Organic anyone? LOL 

Millie chews incessantly on her foot. We've tried everything. The girls have taken to putting socks on her. 

The garden this year has had lots  of green - but very little produce. I was happy to begin to see something besides kale and radishes coming from the plot. 

There is one lone fireweed in my garden. I would like to encourage fireweed on our property, but didn't envision them in THIS spot....I'm going to see if I can harvest seed....and since this hasn't even bloomed to the top....maybe the termination dust on our mountain is dead wrong about the season. LOL 

Michael puts his college job experience to use. The windows are always so nice when he is done with them. 

 Bre sent this photo of Gideon (4)  and JoJo (9 months)

Late August marks the start of the school year up here. August 19th found school doors opening. Two of our daughters are schooling their kids at home this year. 

BreZaak's Bella, is 5 years old and in Kindergarten this year. They've joined a state accredited charter school - one option of homeschooling in Alaska. The family selects all their curriculum and submits quarterly work samples. In return, they receive an allotment to cover the secular portions of their curriculum and any activities which fit in with their student's ILP (Individual Learning Plan). 
Gideon is in Pre-school.  Since Bella is enrolled in a charter school, he is able to enroll as well. 

Benny (CoRielle's) is also in preschool. They do a lot of hands-on activities, library trips, books, books, books and he loves to cook. 

Stacia is beginning her junior year and here is a random photo I have. 

I do not have a random photo of Allie from the first day of school, but she hasn't stopped schooling since moving into our home. It is fitting for her "first day of school" picture to be completion certificate for either Biology or Pre-Alg; both completed this summer. Go, Allie! 

Monday, August 30, 2021

2021 State Fair

Today was THE opportunity to visit the 2021 Alaska State Fair. There wasn't a fair in 2020. We drove up just as Jamin drove up. CyRi met us there. Michel and Alyse stopped in too. They headed out early to catch their flight. 

Michael and De'Etta

Allie, Stacia and Livie

Carrie, Cy and Liv

Dad wasn't sure he wanted to go to the fair. We told him we WANTED him to come with us. We didn't insist on Hatcher's Pass yesterday as we knew he'd been up there with Walt and Judy last week.  We told him the wheelchair would be best due to all the walking. 

Livie and Cy had fun smashing into Jamin and Michel. 

I wonder if the boys were remembering bumper cars at Mr. Gatti's in San Angelo, TX. I was. 

Jamin certainly isn't afraid to be himself. LOL 

We looked at exhibits, watched a few demonstrations, played bumper cars and ATE. 

Yes, there ARE big vegetables grown in Alaska. They can't possibly TASTE very good, but they're big by George.  We happened in while they were weighing this mammoth squash. The winner was grown by Dale Marshall and weighed in at 1,603.5 lbs.  In looking over this article, I think this MAY be the winning pumpkin after all. 

We finally figured out fair food. One simply gets everything, takes a bite or two, and passes it on! It was the first time I've been to the fair, ate all the fair food, and wasn't overly satiated at the end of the day. This turkey leg wasn't shared. I think this was Jamin's. We did share candy, popcorn, funnel cake, licorice ropes and cookies.  We topped it all off with a milk shake from Soda Jerk

The last week has been busy, full, fun. We were content, tonight, to sit around the campfire and visit.  

It was a fun day shared with loved ones. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Independence Mine, Hatcher's Pass

 We woke up this a.m. and helped Carrie's Dad load the wedding chairs into his truck.  Everyone got breakfast, Steve, Debbie and Steven packed and then we headed out to make the most of this last day together. 

We drove out to Independence Mine in Hatcher's Pass. Josiah and Carrie met us and drove up. Livie was thrilled. 

This is beautiful spot. I like to imagine what it would have been like to live and work up here...it would be isolated and cold in the winter. The views are great. I would love to meet someone, or read a book by someone, who lived up here when the mine was operational. 

Me and Debbie

We drove on up to Summit Lake. It was beautiful. 

Stacia, Me, Allie 

Father/Son moment 

A group shot...
F - Livie, Carrie, Allie, Stacia, Debbie, De'Etta, Larissa
B - Cy, Steve, Steven, Michael, Jared

We came home and Alex stayed with Grandpa and the girls at home. JaRissa went into town to visit with friends. We drove Steven to the airport. 

Then Michael, Steven, Debbie and I went out to dinner, to Kincaid Park and to the Earthquake Park before taking THEM to the airport. We packed as much life as we could into the short visit. It was a blessing to have such dear friends come up for the wedding. 

Spending time with Steven and Debbie was wonderful. My heart wishes we lived closer to each other.