Wednesday, April 10, 2024

These 2 Photos

These two photos have captured my attention tonight. The first was taken in September 2023 at Pyrah's Farm.  It was a beautiful fall day...Carrie and Arielle let me take this shot and I was NOT to post it until Arielle had gone public with her pregnancy. 
Carrie & Arielle (with Josi and Ellie)

Today Carrie and the girls came out to meet Ellie. 
Carrie and Josi and Arielle and Ellie

There has been so much pain and so much joy since that first photo was taken. Grief has a way of entering a room and demanding attention. Grief isn't always polite. It doesn't care if you have a different blog post planned, it doesn't care if you are in the midst of something else...when grief wants attention grief grabs it.  I have learned, however, if I give grief the attention it is demanding it is content to step into the background and let other emotions take front and center... like contentment and joy. Look at those girls and THEIR baby girls! 

Allie also met Ellie today. 
Auntie Allie and Ellie

Allie, Ellie, Livie, Josi

We got a good laugh at the girls' matching bows again today! LOL 

The kids played inside and outside! was a sunny day! 

Charles declared GG was putting a puzzle together that looked like "hot lava."  It's a puzzle of a pizza, but in his defense GG just started it.
GG, Charles, Danny

Cory is a great girl dad. 

There was a funny moment when Danny came in and I was holding Josi. He came over and was chatting to "my baby"...and Arielle said, "Are you sure?"  He kept chattering. "Look closer." The look on his face when he noticed dark hair instead of strawberry blonde was PRICELESS. He was perplexed. 

Ah, Josi! Your smile and those dimples are the perfect way to end this day! 

1. Family. 
2. Lunch with Sherri and Joanne. 
3. Steve, Michael's best man all those years ago and a dear friend has been in the ICU. Today he came out of the coma and is off the ventalator. He is still in the ICU and in need of prayers.