Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bob, The Sandcastle or Summer Play Challenge
Quote of the Day: If a man wants to kiss his mom, HE CAN! (Ahhhhh)

I should have warned y'all that this week is our PLAY challenge week. We've spent two weeks organizing and working and I realized that the summer was passing us by.

Yesterday, I did lunch with a friend and then had planned to go to the pool, but the day got away from us.


Bright and early (the ONLY time to do the park in the summertime around here) we met Deja and children at a local park. We were really happy that Jared chose to play today with us instead of mowing lawns! Yippee!

The boys (not sure how I missed Zander and Everson)

The girls

"Bob" the Sandcastle....

...and the Architects of Bob

Arielle and Emma

The adventure of the children having the old point and shoot digital is that THEY can surprise mom with pictures.

De'Etta and Deja

Ah - here's a better view! Deja is a good sport to go out in the sun 3 weeks from her due date...or is it two weeks???? Hmmm...this is almost enough to make me learn how to use that blur feature Kristine uses....how come we can't look as adorable as our daughters???????

When the sun got HOT; we parted ways. Deja to the really big Super Walmart and the children and I? Home to lunch. I ran Jared and Jamin to the bank AGAIN while the youngers were eating lunch. We had tried yesterday to start accounts for them. Today we discovered that Jared cannot have an account - they didn't realize he was only 13. He also can't have a CD. Jamin CAN have an account - he's 16 - but he needs more ID. The 3rd time's the charm....we'll try then.

After lunch we headed to the pool out at the lake. Remember all the time I spent trying to find a MODEST suit for this gal? If she'd quit growing, it would've worked. I need to go shopping again! Or maybe just live with this for the rest of the summer. LOL

Stacia learned a new trick that she was very proud of. She figured how to hold herself and tread water so that she could float in the pool WITHOUT any help, thank you very much! ::snort::

Note the blob at the bottom right corner of this photo - he's moving in for the kill

Lest you think we are always a loving and harmonious family - check out these candid photos - that is NOT her hand at the back of her head....and she went UNDER as soon as I clicked this....

And who are these two names squabbling young 'uns?

It WAS all in fun!

Jamin spent the afternoon at the library researching the fantasy market, writer's agents etc. I picked him up and we went to get Mike. The three of us grabbed dinner and chatted about writer's conferences and agents and getting published...and whatever else entered our minds. Then we went and hitched up our pop up for the last time. We brought it home and it will be heading off downt he road to ID next week. LOL