Monday, August 31, 2020

August Snippets 2020

 I continue to be happy I grew flowers this year! I need to remember to do this again, though I'd like to start them from seed and save some money. 

Millie has learned to attack sticks. 

Stacia put the garden's carrots to good use. 

A little afternoon tea.
Krista, Stacia, G G

Making acquaintances

Making more masks

Dad - catching some sun the day before his open-heart surgery. 

Benny came to visit with a card for GG. 

I continue to walk 5 -7 miles every morning. 

We have cherries. Not many, but it's a start! 

Early morning cuddles from Millie. 

Evening "cuddles" from Michael's chick. 

Stacia and my current book study

We were told Dad would be removed from life support in one week if he had not woken up. Jared flew up to spend the week with us when it looked like he wasn't going to wake up. Dad woke up on Day 5.  Millie is willing to help Jared play Farkle. 

The year we actually had beans grow and were able to can some! 

Masks are still required in many places. Stacia forgot a mask and ended up wearing a "jaw bra" to check out Alaska Club. LOL 

Bre and the kids came to visit prompting an impromptu art session. 
Bella (4), Gideon (3), Annie (1 1/2)

Stacia and Livie make playdough creations...practice for cake decorating. 

It was a full month! 


 Look at Stacia's new trick! Double glazed doughnuts! 

She did have to overcome a couple of challenges presented by Millie. 

It certainly was worth the effort when we sat down for afternoon tea. 

Just another lazy fall afternoon! Winter is coming...there are many afternoon teas in our future.