Monday, May 21, 2007


Hmmm....the highpoints of the day....

Debbie invited the girls (Arielle, Krista, and Bre) and I to lunch today. We had a nice lunch.

Josiah took a car he is looking at buying to a mechanic.

I worked on co-op invoices.

The girls and I took the younger ones and our dog to the Lake/park.

I picked up Mike and we met the Shop Natural truck. We inventoried and sorted groceries.

Jamin made us a couple of pizzas for dinner.

That's the day.....

Book Review: The Ministry of Motherhood, Ch 5

Chapter Five - On the Mountain a Model for Inspiration

This chapter begins be retelling the Ascension.

"Yet often, I think, we get lost in these multitudinous tasks that rule our lives, and we lose sight of the underlying purpose behind all these tasks, which is to prepare our children to go into the world and make disciples for our Lord.

Jesus promised that h would be with us. He also promised that he will come back. It is to him that we will have to give an account of how faithfully we sought to pass on his message and his commission to our children. Giving our children the gift of inspiration - helping them understand their spiritual purpose, which is to glorify God and to make him known - is one of the most crucial tasks of Christian parenting. " p 66

"Each of our children has been given a specific personality and a particular set of circumstances that will give shape to God's purpose for his or her life. It is our privilege and responsibility as parents to help our children understand their particular fit in God's plan. This means pointing our special skills and talents. It also means helping children realize that God didn't give them such skills and talents just to use on themselves, but to glorify him and bring others to him through the stewardship of their lives. In other words, we are to help them see themselves and their potential and then to inspire them for God's purposes." p 67.

This is one of those times I can almost hear myself talking. I've seen so many parents beat themselves up for the lifestyle their child has been raised in, for not having enough $, for having to many or to few children , or whatever.... and really God has given each child gifts, a personality and CIRCUMSTANCES that can be used by Him.....GOOD thing to hear, isn't it?

"When we remind our children of their eternal significance, using everything from lullabies to bedtime stories to simple phrases such as "I wonder how God will use you in the world?" we help fulfill the deepest need of their hearts to be a part of a kingdom that is much greater than they have ever seen or known. As we give our children the gift of inspiration, we will find ourselves being pulled down the road of our own purpose and significance, and we will intuitively verify the importance of God's design for motherhood." p 68.

Mike and I have worked with a lot of young people. It is so sad how many of them are searching for something BIG and MEANINGFUL, beyond themselves that is worth living and dying for. I think that so many youth are feeling this so strongly because as a society we've turned from God....and God gives this meaning to our hearts.

Ice Cream Cake Essentials

Mike's Famous Ice Cream Cake (especially for Liz)

This is SOOOO easy that you will be shocked you've not been doing it for years! ::snort::

You can make it harder by using home made ice cream, making your own fudge sauce, cookie dough, cookies etc. I'm going to give you the EASY version.
2 1/2 gal of ice cream (your choice)
fillings (your choice)
Assemble. You're done.
OK - this is what the one above is....
Nearly 1 gal of Breyers Natural Vanilla (FG ok)
Newman O's
Hard shell (one label is FG approved - most aren't)
Take spring form pan (though you could use any pan), sprinkle bottom with crushed Newman O's (oreos). Put 1/2 gal of ice cream in pan. Layer lots of Newman O's (my favorite is actually Reece's bars), cover with hard shell (or hot fudge, butterscotch, strawberry - whatever). Cover with more ice cream (as much will fit in the pan), top with more Newman O's and hard shell.
Place in freezer overnight. Pull out about 5 minutes before you want to slice, remove the sides....there you go.
We've made this with tons of different flavors and's always good...this is the favorite with most the younger children, and is on Zander's diet, so this is one we use often. Liz, one of my favorites is chocolate ice cream, Recees and Butterfingers and hard shell in the middle....chocolate overload....but the rest of the family doesn't really like that one.