Friday, October 20, 2023

A Very Full Friday

I am a blogger. I have been a blogger for over 18 years. Therefore, I must blog.  Even when the day doesn't seem very blog-worthy and it's the end of Alaskan Fall, people! Soon we will be inside. 

It was 19 degrees this morning when I went out to release the chickens. That's a bit more than a "crisp fall morning" in my book - but, whatever. 

Michael has been working on new paperwork for social security. We were given false information when he was rated 100% service-connected, total and permanent by the VA. Thankfully, with a month to spare, we've been given the correct information. Michael is now in a race to see if he can get an application into the system and somewhat processed before his birthday in November. It will be close. It will be beneficial to our financial health if he can.  He has spent hours online and, on the phone,...and then was told he needed to wait 5 - 10 days for the authentication paperwork to reach us. He decided to drive to Anchorage today and talk to someone in person at the social security office. He came home with the authentication paper he needed and will now fill out the application online. The first appointment they have is in December and the lady encouraged him to submit it before his next birthday. Something about being rated for SSDI before you are retirement age. If only, the social security office in Crescent City had given us the correct info in would have made the past years so much easier. 

The thing is we had a full day planned BEFORE Michael had to run to Anchorage. We cancelled what we appointment to get our eyebrows waxed was essential. I had already had to cancel Allie's appointment and didn't want to cancel more. I appreciate businesses that let us put all the family appointments at once - and it leaves them in a lurch if we all cancel our appointments. GG was THRILLED beyond measure to visit the esthetician. ::wink:: We made it up to him by taking him out to his favorite restaurant for lunch. He loves to joke and tease with the wait staff. 

Today was cold but it was SUNNY and BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. Millie and Stacia took time to play outside a bit. Millie loves the days Stacia doesn't have classes. 

Somewhere in the midst of the day I baked another loaf of bread. I need to invest in a little tool that makes it easy to cut the top of the dough. LOL I am experimenting with varying amounts of fresh ground wheat and bread flour...this loaf turned out pretty good. 

Michael got home and agreed to stretch and fold the sourdough for me while Stacia and I ran out to the local box store for a couple of things for tomorrow's family celebration. We were making great time, so we decided to stop for drinks and discuss our Bible study.  

We arrived home in time to throw pizzas in the oven and sit down for dinner. And then the unthinkable happened. We realized I needed to pick up an accessory for Allie at the store. I KNEW there was a reason we planned to drive into Wasilla. Which is how Stacia and I found ourselves at Walmart - discussing how we could see the church the kids and Allie were at, and we COULD crash the conference. We decided to come home instead. LOL 

I leave you with these darling pictures of Noah Bear. He is 9 months old tomorrow.  Roscoe stands guard so no harm befalls Noah when he is out and about. 

photo by Larissa

This is a great father/son shot...and it mirrors how Stacia and I feel getting home at 9:20 p.m. 
Photo by Larissa

We are going to end then night with a round of Despicable Me 2.