Monday, February 05, 2007


We received a package Saturday from my parents. It appears that unbeknownst to me, I had a birthday. ::snort:: The package also included boys birthday and anniversary (Feb 14th) cards.

The children knew right away that THIS was from grandma because of the wrapping....::snort::

I explained to the children that Grandma was used to packages being opened in Mindanao and that is why she uses DUCT TAPE and so much of it.....and we all laughed when we noticed the writing on the box. Um, Mom? How long have you been saving this box? ::snort::

My Gift - isn't it adorable? I tried to snap a picture of it solo but some little imp got her chubby baby hand in the picture.....


Our children have always loved staging plays. They've not done any "real" drama, but we've seen some great productions over the years! ::snort:: Bre used to spend days organizing everyone. In fact, when she is home, a play, total worship, human video, or step (stomp) routine usually manifests.

This a.m. Nolan and Zander worked hard on a play. I thought they were going to preform later this evening, but they did a special performance for Arielle, Stacia and I. I'm trying to work out details to get Arielle and Nolan into a 8 week drama class....mainly I need to find the handout! ::snort:: I asked Mike, and I think we'll be here for all the Fridays....oh yeah...well there are a few details I have to work out.
This play involved a dragon and a cat...and Eeyore and Pooh, and an epic battle between the dragon and the cat...
I told him that usually cats have mice in their mouth, he said THAT was gross...guess this cat was a dinotarian

Do the Next Thing...

Have you ever been in this mode? I simply need to keep doing the next thing.

We got to talk with Mike this a.m.

I got a work out in. Jamin has created a weight circuit for me to do but I didn't manage it this a.m. I'm not sure how to work it in. I don't know if it should replace one of my step workouts or be added to the workouts...since I didn't have time to add it and couldn't figure out what else to do with it....I did the two 8 Minutes in the Morning moves. LOL

We finished school. Jared, Arielle and Nolan are all trying to do two weeks of TOG each week until Mike gets home. In theory, this will leave them the rest of the year to focus on other subjects or to play...or maybe do all the fun things we aren't doing as they try to zip ahead. THIS was not MY idea. ::snort:: All of a sudden I needed MORE library books, needed to order MORE books I can't find at the library etc. I'm so thankful that Josiah drives now. He loves to do the library run. Off he went with a three page list. He found all but one of the books.

I planned to make bread. It didn't quite happen. We were invited to the park, but we stayed home so that we could get our library list compiled for Cy to take to the library and so that we could "do the next thing". We need to focus.

I cooked dinner (which was not what is on the menu in the sidebar - honest). We had oven fried chicken (again! But it is something everyone eats), oven fried fries and corn, salad and fruit. I was going to make biscuits but didn't have oven space.

We read some Jungle Book. I am really trying to figure out some books that will interest all the children/youth...but I'm struggling here.
Arielle didn't get sick today. Jamin's boil has started to ooze...or something...anyway HE'S convinced I'm not taking him to the doctor. We'll see.

The Big Lie, a True Story* by Isabella Leitner

This is a POWERFUL book. In this children's book Isabella shares her experiences as a Jew in Hungary during WW2. The text is easy enough for my 3rd grader to fly through, while giving her plenty of food for thought. I decided to read this one to both Arielle and Nolan and was glad I did. Isabella has written two books for adults about her experiences, Fragments of Isabella and Saving the Fragments. I plan to look those up this afternoon.

Isabella's father went to America in 1939 to try to arrange passage for his family to follow. The war broke out and Hungary was an ally of Germany. The Nazis entered their little town, Kisvarda, and rounded up the Jews. At Auschwitz her mother and youngest sister were killed. She was separated from her brother and she and her three sisters struggle to survive. This is one of the BEST books written about this time period that we've happened upon for young readers. It is NOT sugar-coated, but she does write with hope for the future. I was disappointed when I couldn't find the TOG book I was looking for but that disappointment led to us discovering this gem at our local library.