Thursday, January 10, 2008


I tried to mail 5 packages today. I couldn't find the items that were to go in 3 of the packages. THIS is why I don't make it a practice to shop early. I get burned every time. I'll have to go out and buy replacement gifts for these packages.

We did school.

I made a lot of turkey broth from the leavings of last night's turkey. It's cooling.

I took down all the Christmas decor.

I tried to get lab work done this afternoon but was told I need to fast for some of it - so will try to get it done EARLY tomorrow...before I have to pick up produce.

Zander told me "he's sorry it has to end like this but he's leaving me to go live with his lover in WA." ::snort::

My back is aching from all the climbing and lifting to get decorations switched out. Mike will be thrilled when he gets home from work and sees the huge pile of boxes that need to go to the attic before produce co-op in the a.m. ::snort::

I'm going to go take a nice HOT shower....or maybe a bath haven't done that in over 2 years....or maybe I'll just climb into bed. Christmas is a lot of work. ::snort::
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