Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Of Colds, Plumbing, Taxes and Such...

I've not been blogging because it is no fun when others can't read. AND I don't FEEL GOOD ::whine::. I've not been sleeping because I have a nasty cough - now my diaphram, tummy muscles ache, my head hurts when I cough, and it's gross. I may go buy cough syrup tonight because I need to sleep.

We are getting school done, and I am going to the gym (and disinfecting the machines when I'm done). I washed my fancy new cell phone - you know the Christmas Gift.

Wait until you hear about my day yesterday!

I woke up and discovered the freezer door had been ajar overnight. The NEW freezer - the BIG one. I lost a few things but most was frozen enough that I shut the door and shuffled off.

I was cooking breakfast when Zander informed me that someone had gone potty in he and Nolan's closet. After lecturing all on how silly that would be I went into their room and discovered that their closet was flooded...and it had seeped out in the room. Now we have no working plumbing in the kitchen.....still today the carpet is wet. It stinks. I can't get it dry or get under it well.

Mike has been at a 3 day exercise, and I hope to really see him tonight. Poor man - no kitchen plumbing, molding carpet, computer woes, AK PFD's to file, and NOW a TAX PROBLEM too. I'm working on the tax problem. It seems the form the base filed was rejected.

Mom's Night Out was Monday night, and I missed it. I was too sick to go anyway. Tuesday night was Bible Study - and we survived. Betsy, a local friend, said SHE had cleaned her cell phone also. That made me feel immeasurably better. Always nice to know you aren't the ONLY ONE!

Here are a few photos from yesterday:

Look how much it cost to fill the tank yesterday!

This is their closet - carpet removed - toy/movie closet - got one bucket of water from here.

See the water in the main room - 3 buckets of water sucked up

Stuff everwhere

Preparing Beans in the bathroom

I hate being sick. I want to go to bed. I'm going to go have lit/Bible/history discussions with my rhetoric level boys....then maybe sleep.
OH HEY - I DID buy some Amy's organic freezer meals and some paper plates - that's a bright side to the wet...I don't feel like cooking this week anyway. ::snort::
AND - my new/used cell phone is working! Now everyone just needs to call me so I can harvest their numbers....