Sunday, January 21, 2007


Too tired to think of a title...maybe I'll think of one before tomorrow. LOL

~Sunday School - good. Zander even went and played with the class, though he didn't attend the whole class.

~Lunch with Steve, Debbie and boys. Arielle felt sick when we left. She got better in a couple of hours. Strange....

~Zander, Arielle and Jamin wanted an outing. I took them to the mall. We discovered you could pay $25 and get in a cage with baby lions, tigers and jaguars. Zander was SURE I had money for this, I was sure I didn't.

~Mandy came over, after dropping her eldest son at youth group. We had a good visit and I introduced her to Red Tea.....her boys Malin and Martin were great fun for Nolan and Zander. I couldn't believe I forgot to offer her tea...thanks for asking about putting the kettle on, Mandy. It surprises me how much Mandy and I have in common. She's from England, I'm from the United States....but we both attended boarding schools, we both are married to chaplains, we both have children, both our husbands are currently on expense paid vacations...there must be more....anyway it was fun to visit with her.

~A note about the counters....I couldn't decide what to do. I didn't want to leave anyone out....but if I wait until the first one is done, the next doesn't get much air there you have it....I almost said "boys birthday month" but they deserve their own countdown. LOL

That's all folks...