Friday, January 19, 2007


Yay! It's Friday again! It looks like we are heading into another icy weekend. Unfortunately, Netflix hasn't sent any movies...we could sure use them if we get iced in again.

Josiah has been going out to work each night. He says he's the only one on the roads on the way home. WooHOO! Great news for our base....Josiah's boss won a contract and will be putting a Chick Fil A trailer in the BX parking lot from Wed - Sat....still not a real restaurant but hey - it's something besides Burger King. LOL Josiah was surprised at how freaked out some of the employees were at having to go on BASE to work. ::snort::

We were able to go to speech today because the roads were fine this a.m. We did some extra school reading this morning, as we didn't have co-op.

We went to a friend's this afternoon.

Pizza tonight and it was yummy. I was mindful of my cholesterol and only had a tiny piece of pizza and then a big salad....with very little dressing.

*Swiss Family Robinson* just started...we have a zillion old movies we can watch while waiting for the ice to leave and/or Netflix to arrive. {G}

Drink Up, Stacia!


It's warmed up and raining....but we have a 90% chance of freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. Sunday is supposed to be nice. Snow again on Monday. Who would have guessed?

I received a phone call from the clinic about my labs. This is ALWAYS bad news because they don't call if things are o.k. They didn't say a word about the GTT so I'm assuming I don't have diabetes for another year. They said my thyroid is 2.3 which is mid-range; so I'm keeping my dose for another year. I need to read up more on the numbers and figure this out.

Then they said my cholesterol is high. Shoot! I talked to them about my high good cholesterol but even taking that into account I'm still 60 points above maximum. This goes up and down with my thyroid. However, I have a history of heart problems in the family and so...they referred me to the "Health and Wellness Center". The clinic said to expect a call. Less than 30 minutes later I got a call. He told me that they do the heart classes once a month and when it was. I can't make it. He then said that they'll do a one on one meeting with me and the dietitian on Monday. This is good as I know last time I was on the "the program" they advocated lots of fake food as the solution - and I won't do that this time. I explained, ::snort:: "I don't plan on spending real money on fake food. "When I asked where their building was he said, "Ma'am the same parking lot your husband uses. How's he doing over there?" Small bases are a hoot! I can't get away with anything around here. I sometimes wonder if Mike told the clinic to make sure I did what I was told while he was gone.....

Birthday Funny

Nolan and Zander were talking last night. Nolan explained I had a birthday coming up. He asked how old I would be and I told him 43.

He said, "Wow - you don't look THAT old!" I thanked him.

Zander, not to be outdone, said, "Yeah - Mom - you just look 69!"

This reminds me that I should get a birthday countdown up for the boys....