Saturday, January 27, 2018

Enjoying a Winter Day

It was a beautiful mountain out here in our slice of heaven. The sun rising was gorgeous, and gets earlier and earlier every day. It was light by 9:30 a.m. 

FOUR moose came to visit this morning. We love the moose - and they pretty much go where they want. This one, however, stepped on the sledding ramp the kids had worked so hard on yesterday. A bit of yelling and he scooted over a bit, with his two friends.  

We took a drive over to the next mountain to look at a mobile home on an acre....owner will finance....would be paid off in 5 years. Then we saw a service project in town and stopped to do it.  We headed home when we heard from Jared that the Eagle River Contingent was thinking of coming our way to play. 

Jamin sold most everything and planned to be here for the summer. Plans change and he now lives in Alaska. He's been looking for a car and this one finally surfaced. It's a Honda Accord Hybrid - it gets 55 mpg.  He won't be off-roading but it's a great commuting vehicle. 

We told them the Eagle River contingent were coming over.  They started sledding anyway. It was fun to see Arielle out playing too. Benny slept and then Cory played with him.

We had a lot of snow the last two days! Unfortunately, it was powdery - not great for sledding. The kids took the time to pack their "run" down, and to build little barricades around things like a sewer pipe, a big stump, and the tree. We were thinking a bit of a melt and then it would ice over again and be very fast. We knew it wouldn't be so fast today - but hoped it would be fun.

Larissa's mom has been visiting this week. We were thrilled they were able to work in a bit of time out here. It's always fun to spend a bit of time with our new "kids" families. Here Veronica and Larissa try out a sled. They had gone ice-fishing earlier in the day. Both were first for Veronica.
LOVE the sun on the mountain 
 Lassie must be included. ::snort:: 

Arielle, Nolan, Stacia, Cody and Lassie

Jamin, Jared, Josiah 

Each on their own saucer. We need to go buy a toboggan or something before the winter is over.
The kids and I need snow pants....
 We have three grand dogs. Roscoe fell in the lake when they were ice fishing this a.m. and they left him home. Lassie and Cody  made the trip out. Cody found a shrew in the yard and began to channel his inner wolf from there on out. LOL 
Lassie - JaRissa's dog

Cody - Cy's dog
 Bro Bonding 

Me and Larissa 

Getting a fire started....


If you watch the video linked at the end of this post, you will see the run that goes with this scene. They had a giant long train with all of them, added in the canine chaos factor and had a crash. LOL

Sledding, a bonfire, hot chocolate....and then a fun visit inside the house. It was perfect. 

At some point I suggested Cy throw his hot chocolate in the air.  Everyone thought it had to be colder - but we knew it worked out here at 0....and sure enough at 2* - it snowed hot chocolate.

I had a hard time getting photos - will try sports mode next time. 


We really are enjoying this Alaskan winter. The wood stove helps a lot! It's doable.....and has charm and fun all it's own.

If you'd like to watch and hear some of the fun - click here - for a video summary.