Thursday, August 17, 2017

Berry Picking - Serviceberries

I did a bit of searching on the Internet trying to find a good spot for berry picking. I knew the kids,  Marie, and I would be going alone. Marie has a bad knee. None of us wanted to wrestle bears.

I cheated. I unearthed a u-pick "farm" - it seems to be known as both Northern Fruits Nursery and Northern Fruits Greenhouses and U Pick. It was good for an afternoon jaunt - especially while we are STILL in the throes of moving madness. We will continue to explore the spots I've heard of where we can pick free berries in the wilds. 

Maria - Berry picking in AK - checking off the bucket list

These are Serviceberries, which we are told are "like blueberries but sweeter." I'm a bit unconvinced. 
Our haul
Since we were nearby we searched out the trail head for some local trails.  It became apparent it was a bit more of a climb than we wanted this afternoon. I beckoned.

This sign cracked me up. To the left is,  "More Difficult," and to the right is, "Most Difficult." 

Dish packs filled with paper make good targets. 
In other happenings, our riding lawn mower has been delayed and won't arrive until 30 Aug. We are going to have to rent or buy a used mower of some sort and beat back the grasses.

Michael repaired a faucet and leak in the basement kitchen and checked out the hot water heating floor system. He has a "to do" list a mile long....including installing an RV spot, finding and purchasing a wood stove, replacing other faucets and such, cutting down dead trees, setting up the garage, hanging things in the house (a job I'm banned from attempting - much like painting), and then there are the "car things," which need done. And Silvers should be running soon. 

We got into some Pushki (Poison Parsnip/Cow Parsnip), it was an overcast day, but we used the excuse to take showers and get into PJ's for a game of  Farkle after our Veggie Pot Pie dinner.