Saturday, January 30, 2016


There was just enough time after returning from our bike ride to dig Nolan's Radio Controlled plane from the hatch and go over to the Beale Blackbird RC club's airstrip. 
Nolan, Michael, Alex

We grilled burgers for dinner. Alex had requested this over a week ago and I had been waiting for a good night to grill to avoid frying in the Caboose.  We ate out and enjoyed a fire in the patio pit - no s'mores just the fire.  It was perfect.
All in all it was  a great day. Everyone turned in early - prepping for our early Sunday morning shuffle at the shower house. ::snort::

Epic Bike Ride

Today was supposed to be rainy....but it was beautiful. We finished school, Nolan finished Japanese, Nolan and I made a commissary run (he likes to drive me places) and we had an afternoon stretching before us. 

Michael proposed a bike ride. I headed off on a back road...there may have been some comment about seeing if the men's wimpy tires could handle this road.....maybe.....We road up a gravel road - and up and up....and then soared down a dirt/gravel road.....All tires did just fine. 

Photo session at the Upper Blackwelder, we checked out some EOD disposal sites. Michael kept riding past the lake - the idea was to eventually meet up with the main road - until  we saw a promising side road and the plan changed.  I talked Stacia into stopping so I could get a photo of her with the cow. We thought it a bit odd there were cows here....but o.k.  I yelled, "Hey, Cow!" in true Gherkin fashion....and was surprised when I looked over my shoulder and saw 6 -8 cows running towards us. I told her to get on her bike and ride......

Ah - it appears as we circled around on back roads we ended up in the cow's pasture. 

We seem to run into barbed wire wherever we go out here. 

It was my turn to "hop over" after watching everyone else.  Michael said to put one leg on one rung and swing my leg over....didn't work quite that way.....proving once again I have the shortest legs in the family these days....but I got over...I was VERY happy the gate wasn't barbed wire.

It was an epic bike ride. We'll be doing more if the weather holds out. Some of us are paying a price for the fun - but it was worth it.