Friday, March 13, 2020

Finally Spring Break Friday

Except  Krista heard  this isn't the last day of spring break at all. It had been extended a week. Later she heard staff is to report to work.

Alaska has it's first case of covid 19....a cargo airplane pilot who  I've heard either "went directly to the hospital for  testing," or "walked around the community for 2 days before going in for testing." I choose option 1.

Unfortunately,  Stacia is fighting a cold. Dad said he had a sore throat. My antibiotics are still not kicking in as expected. I texted Bre and she and Izaak opted not to have me watch the kids tonight.

I spent some time considering the peace with which God graces believers. I opened New Morning Mercies; it was ALL about trusting God to rule even when life isn't going as expected. Timely.

I was on the Elliptical when I heard all the Burrough (county) buildings would be closed for the rest of the month. This includes meeting rooms, courthouses, pool and THE LIBRARY. I added a trip to the library to my tasks for the day.

Krista offered to run a few of the errands for me. She took boxes to Bishop's Attic, took Amazon returns to the UPS store and went to the library for books for her and Stacia.

I headed to Fred Myers. We are well stocked with food due to my "prepper" tendencies since living through the food/power disruption after the 2011 Tsunami/Quake in Japan. I needed to pick up fresh produce, ingredients to make two ice cream cakes (Cory and Dad's birthdays), cards, and pizzas.

It is  easy for supply disruption to occur in Alaska. I would think more people would have had basics on would appear not. It was CRAZY in here....flour, soups, veggies all gone....If we have a supply problem it will be because folks are going crazy buying toilet paper, soap etc. One man is reported to have ordered a 12 year supply of toilet paper. Yes, 12 years. Why? It'll keep - I guess. I would simply wait until AFTER this crisis to put that much demand on the supply. Ah well....the stories I heard were stunning.

I arrived in the library with less than 10 minutes until it is closed for the month. I opened my bag, and slid a dozen mystery books from the shelf into it. The librarian laughed. I'm prepared.

 I love this neighborhood flock of turkeys. Note the sign "No Trespassing or Hunting." These birds know just where to hang out. LOL

We moved a dresser into the girls' room. Krista can finally get her things put away the way she'd like them. I'm not sure why it took us months to realize we could bring Dad's extra dresser inside. We still have a trailer of furniture to unload - but it will have to wait for the spring.

We were playing games when we heard all schools in the state of Alaska will be closed at least until April. Just like that homeschooling becomes the norm.

This is how we play Farkle when there are germs in the house....
Stacia, Nolan, Alex, GG, Krista 
 Every person had their own set of dice...I sanitized them all after the game was over. Nolan pulled his typical sneak attack with a final roll of over 5,000 and won.

The boys went to bed as they have work in the a.m. Dad, the girls and I watched a few shows. 

All in all it was a good day in Alaska. 

God is still on the throne!

God is God even in the midst of new virus'.

I spent some time today considering His creativity, His rhythm of rest, work, solitude, community, and how that might apply to the way I make a home....I also pondered what it would mean to live incarnationally as the body of Christ.  I was thinking some of these thoughts when I checked my mirror and saw an amazing array of mountains in the mirror. I was on a side road with no traffic. I stopped and enjoyed the view.

It's good in the midst of uncertainties and busy-ness to simply stop and let God take your breath away.