Saturday, April 28, 2007

Book Discussion - "The Monistry of Motherhood"

Ladies, I've decided to begin our book discussions with *The Ministry of Motherhood* by Sally Clarkson. You can purchase this book at Whole Heart Ministries , or many other spots. The book has study guides and questions every few chapters and I think that will assist in making this an easy book to discuss.

I'm open to discuss pace. I don't want to move TOO quickly...but I've noted that book discussions bog down if you move TOO slowly. ::snort::

I'd like to begin in May. Yikes - that's soon. ::snort:: you think we should allow one or two weeks for everyone to get the book? I've got an idea - let's begin the Monday after Mother's Day, some of you may want to request the book for Mother's Day. ::snort::

You can simply read the reviews and comments....or jump in and the book, read it, share your informed thoughts.... Or skip the whole thing if that pleases you most. ::snort::

Picture of the book won't load - I'll try tomorrow.


I continue to be dizzy, which makes every day life interesting. I have not fainted again. I am eating "something" every couple of hours.

Speech, produce co-op, something else. We all went and watched Arielle and Nolan in a performance that their drama class put on. They did good. They were nervous. Miss A was PUT out that "the military" made Dad miss Christmas and NOW her play....but several dads missed. I'm really, really glad that the kids participated in this. I tend to avoid many outside activities...but this was 8 weeks...and was beneficial.

Women's Project Night. This was my first time going somewhere to crop. I took the albums mom had made with me. I spent about an hour organizing things. I only took two bags and wasn't quite sure what was in them. I've not used this stuff since our move. I put together the power sorter thing that I found in one bag. I thought about taking all the photos out of all the albums mom had made and storing them...then I decided to simply transfer one album. I finished one. I simply copied mom's writing. The pieces of magnetic pages would be too thick....when Mike gets home we'll see if he can scan the rest in a way that I can use them. We had fun and midnight came before we knew it. Everyone wants to do this monthly. I'm still committed to simplifying - in other words "they're photos - put them in the album already!!!" I have DECADES of photos to get into albums.....and I knew some of the photos were falling out and some of the pages were yellow...but it became apparent that the magnetic "stuff" was eating away the photos. It's time to make transferring these albums a priority....and then all the big albums Mike and I took for the first 20 years of our marriage. LOL THEN, maybe, I'll think about being crafty again....

Used Book Fair this a.m. at 8:30. I didn't sell a lot; but I've already listed the books I have left online. I DID sell a few things - enough to pay for the Math U See Geometry that I picked up. ::snort::

Now - I need a nap. I need to clean. I need to do laundry. Tomorrow is a big pot luck at chapel and so I should cook.....and Mike comes home in a few hours. Hey, maybe I can post photos again once he gets home and speaks to the computers! ::snort::