Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thoroughly Frustrating Spring Break Thursday

Not for me. It's been a fairly relaxed and productive day for me.

But for KRISTA....I'd say frustrating fits the bill. She needs to send some paperwork to the big poobahs in the Air Force. It should have been easy from home with various connections - but it wasn't. She went to the Recruiting office in Wasilla, hoping to avoid a trip to Anchorage. It didn't work. She had to drive to base to email reports to the grand poohbahs of the Air Force.

She has been trying to get a schedule for an event in which one of our youth is participating. As she got home they texted they'd changed the schedule and our youth needed to be in Anchorage late tonight, rather than tomorrow. WHUT? Poor thing. She picked up Alex and Stacia, and headed to pick up Jesse and go back to Anchorage. Communication seems key in so many spheres of life. LOL

Ah well - she DID run into a 75% off on polish pottery and picked up a few things for me.

Michael is at Man Camp this weekend. 

Alex and Stacia were busy with school today.

Dad slept most the day. He says he doesn't feel well, but isn't quite sure what doesn't feel well.

I had a roast in the instant pot but when it was time to eat no one was here but Dad and me.  ::snort::  Nolan put in another 12+ hour day. Dad said the roast was wonderful - so his appetite is o.k.

I took advantage of full access to our room to clean out our closet. I didn't take a before shot - I should have. Since we didn't have use of much of the downstairs storage when we moved in - things kept getting stacked in our closet. I took out a bag of garbage and have a nice stack of boxes ready for the thrift store.

This is not the most convenient closet. We really need to do some brainstorming about making it better. It is clean now...but LOOK how high the shelf is....and there is no space for long hanging things like uniforms and dresses.
I NEED that stool to reach the top rack of clothes
 The perspective is off in the photo,  but this is HIGH.  I used the stool to hang the bags out of the way - there is NO WAY my robe was going on that hook. LOL

The chickens are settled in for the night.

This gal is determined to brood....

Meanwhile - in Anchorage....these kids gear up for Jesse to participate in Fine Arts 2020 through the Assembly of God.
Stacia, Alex, Jesse, Krista in front 

This is a new fixture outside the sanctuary. There is also sanitizer and spray to clean phones inside the sanctuary.

Before the kids hit the highway to come back to the valley they stopped at Panda Express. They arrived just as the lobby was closing and were given a ton of food. They ate in the car and jetted for home.