Saturday, November 26, 2016

CA - OR - We Made It

We made it! Eastern FL to OR!

We woke up at 0300 and didn't want to leave quite so early. We wanted to hit the Siskiyou Pass when it was warm.

We  took the time to make a couple of videos of the outside and inside of our new RV. The new RV will shortly have a name...we're thinking and living with her for a bit before we make so momentous a decision. πŸ˜‰

We stopped at a couple of stores in Yuba City - hoping to find chains.  The ODOT site recommended chains be carried  going over the passes. We didn't find chains in Yuba City. Les Schwab called ahead to Yreka and they promised to hold a couple of sets for us.

The drive was fairly uneventful. We did have snow and sleet on Shasta but nothing but rain and wind on Siskiyou.

Mom and Dad brought the kids over to the park....good to see them again. We spent a bit of time talking about the challenges of fitting all that is into the trailer into this current space....
Alex, Stacia and Nolan - the young men are looking quite Amish

Mom and Dad

We confirmed how nice it will be to have sitting area for company. 

I missed my Stacia hugs
 We did our first load of laundry in the Splendide Combo.  It shakes the entire RV - and it takes hours to do a very small load. However, I do see some advantages to tossing a load in at night....I think our sheets and heavy clothes will need to go to the laundromat. We shall see. We'll also see if it's cheaper to pay increased electricity at the RV or quarters in the laundry room.  A full load is one set of sheets, or a pair of jeans and a few pairs of underwear.

Michael went to bed and the kids and I played Farkle with the mini set Bre gave us......I joked that I could beat them in my sleep. Funny thing is that I did. I fell asleep between each roll and beat them.

It's good to be back together.