Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Gideon Around 8 Months

Michael and Bre took Bella to the doctor today and we got to play with Gideon! I can't tell you how much I am enjoying having the grands on the place! Bella plays coy with me. She keeps me on my toes. Sometimes she wants to be with me, other times she prefers Nolan or Stacia. But Gideon and Benny - Ah! They smile every time I talk to them. Well, Benny is about at 90%. LOL

Note, Yuuki sulking as we won't let her near the blanket. We'd "brushed" and vacummed the carpet, then put his blanket down. She thinks any blanket is fair game for her.

Hey sweet boy! 

Then it was tummy time! He's trying to hard to get the crawling down! 

Benny and "THE CRADLE"

Here is our favorite 2.5 month old baby boy in the whole world! Bennett Lee, Benny Bear, Benny Boy...Benny Boo
That smile melts hearts
 CoRielle had some concerns about the sleeper/rocker they were using. It keeps babies in one position so they are SAFE, but has led to problems with muscle development and shapes of heads. They were looking for a solution for Benny to sleep in now....and we just happened to have a very old-fashion solution.

Michael's father, Earl, made this cradle for Mary K, Rebecca and Michael. I've seen pictures of all of them sleeping in it. He was excited to pass it on to us for his grandchildren to sleep in....and they all slept in it to one extent or the other. In the past 11 years it has been Stacia's toy box.  Today, it was brought out of storage, decals scrapped and thoroughly cleaned, so Benny Bear can sleep in it for a few months/weeks - however long he fits.
What's with the space? 
 Mom? Dad? I don't know about this!!!!

Ah, I guess it will work. 

I know Grandpa Earl would be thrilled to see his great-grandson sleeping in the cradle he made over 1/2 a century ago.


Super Red Blue Moon Total Eclipse....

Michael's camera was ready to go....hooked up to the telescope lens. Unfortunately, it was too much for our tri-pod and the pictures are out of focus due to movement....he's figured out how to compensate for this and is ready for the next eclipse. I have to put a couple in - regardless.