Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Benny Visits - G Dog's a Champ

Dad complained Friday of a broken tooth. I got him in to the dentist and we discovered he has THREE broken teeth and they've been broken for "quite some time." 

 I'm gobsmacked, in awe, amazed that Dad has this much pain and hasn't mentioned it.  Finding a dental plan just moved to the top of "the list." Medicare supplement plans do NOT carry dental up here. None of them. I've called. I have lists of companies I've checked. Many companies don't offer medical insurance up here at all.  So....we had been considering a self-paid dental plan, but maybe a full up, stand alone dental plan will be the most cost-effective way to deal with the extensive dental work in his future. He doesn't qualify for the state funded/supplemented options. 

We opted to have the tooth extracted which is causing pain. We'll go back in January with a plan in place so work will go towards a deductible...unfortunately, many of these plans won't cover "major" work for the first year....I am not 100% sure of the best way to proceed. 

Dad commented - and we all agreed - it was much quieter this morning without Benny's cheerful, morning greetings from the basement.  

Arielle and Benny came over to was the highlight of all of our days. 

Nothing helps with dental pain like a great grand does
Benny has played a game with me these months. He tells Stacia, Papa, GG  he loves them...but not me. Today, he ran for my knees, kissed them and said, "Baachan, my loves you."  He misses us too!

"Ello, Gov’na!!"

SHE didn't say it - so I will.  Fun photo of Jared and Larissa at the Governor's Christmas party.  We miss them - but they are doing well in Juneau.
Larissa, Governor Dunleavy, Jared
Photo from Larissa 
Jared flies in for a few days every so often for work. Unfortunately, Larissa can't make those trips with him.  We did enjoy a few days with Jared this month and continue to look for opportunities to see them both. Michael keeps dropping comments about a trip to Juneau.