Thursday, July 26, 2018

Jaunt to Reflections Lake

Dad is gone. 

I estimate we have 8 - 10 weeks left before snow! 

Look at the garden without weeding for TWO WEEKS. This crazy ground cover took over....we are in the process of unearthing the rows of corn, squash, potatoes and the two raised beds. 

Friends did tell me that it is CHICK WEED! Now we have a name - we still don't know what to do about its aggressive growth. We've been told black plastic is much more realistic than the cardboard/straw/Eden thing I'm trying. ::snort::

Fireweed! Beautiful....and Alaskan wisdom says....when the Fireweed grows to the top and goes to seed - there are 6 weeks before winter sets in.....or maybe it's 6 week until fall???? Right? I can hope. I keep hearing winter.....Not it has NOT gone to seed...but it's at the top.

Though not ALL the Fireweed is at the top. I think the 6 weeks must start when the last Fireweed grows and seeds??????

We spent another hour re-claiming the garden. Arielle asked if we'd like to go to Reflections Lake with her and Benny! YES. Love that place and love time with Arielle and Benny. . . and happy to get away from the weeds.
Arielle and Benny (8 1/2 months)
 It seems I have two daughters who don't like heights at all. Climbing the top of this tower is on Arielle's 21 list....21 things she is going to do her 21st year. I was happy to help her cross this one off the list.
Benny, Stacia, Arielle and I

Stacia, Arielle and Benny
We love Reflections Lake. It's an easy walk in any season. We dream of coming back in winter with a sled and hot chocolate.....blessed to have such a spot so close by.