Thursday, May 24, 2018

Homestead Club - Bread & Butter

The day begins and ends with chickens around here. 

Talia and I met before we left on our trip. Today is the final IDEA Homestead Club  meeting. We are going to teach how to make bread and butter.  It went well. Poor Talia had most of the stress of the event. She did great. Our Lauren and Hardy show illustrated different personalities in the kitchen and in the end everyone went home with a new apron, spoon or dough hook, a loaf of bread to bake and a 1/2 pint of yummy butter.

Each station had a mat, 2 bread pans, bowl, pre-measured ingredient cups, flour, aprons, wooden spoon and a dough scraper. 
Talia (right) checks things out
 Fuzzy - oh well 
Marvilie, Avilee and Stacia
 All finished! 

We had fish, yummy bread, garlic butter and veggies for dinner.  I really need to go shopping, but haven't made it since the trip. There's always fish in the freezer!