Monday, December 16, 2019

Big Things Afoot

There are big things afoot in the basement of  our house at Wibbly Wobbly Acres. Boxes EVERYWHERE!

CoRielle went out for lunch and came home to tell us they are moving out this week.  We all knew it was "close." Very close. In the end it comes down to deciding, "This is the week." 

Tomorrow is their anniversary. Tomorrow they will sleep in their new home!

Benny is a great packer! 
Baachan (that's me) spent the afternoon loving on Benny and packing a few boxes. Papa and Cory worked on trim and such at the new home. Nolan and Alex helped Arielle take loads over to the new home after work....we'll all sleep and repeat tomorrow.

Tonight - we savored a lazy evening with each other.  We will miss the energy Benny brings to our home...and his unique perspective on life.

The tie around the baby's waist has bothered him all month. Tonight he freed Baby Jesus Jamin.