Saturday, June 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bre


Chore Update!

I mentioned last week that I wanted to get back to my system but I didn't want to use index cards. I decided to check the Internet out for Side Tracked Home Executives....they do have a website...and they now have a daily planner instead of cards and I THINK the computer program makes cards for one....but I still didn't really want to do the cards.

Bre called sometime last week and reminded me that the cards were a pain with a toddler in the house. ::snort:: I wanted to type out lists of chores for each room. That wouldn't be so great for the Nolan and Zander.

I kept searching. Low and the SHS files I found Kelly's chore charts which she'd mentioned in my comment section. I excitedly printed them out. THEN I found MY chore chart from Alaska. This was not a complete chore chart but it listed the main daily/weekly things that I wanted done in each room. I printed it and we're on track. (If only I could find our camper check list now). This is not working as smoothly as it did when the girls lived at home - owners of A1 Cleaning Services ::snort:: but it's helping. Each person helps with a meal clean up or set up during the day and each person has a weekly area that is their responsibility. Simple. I let the older two boys out of this as we never see them. So it's Me and the remaining 5 children for the family zones.

THEN Trish sent me info on a system I had been planning to order. In fact - after I ordered I found out I was an affiliate. ::snort:: They gave me a discount on my stuff. I checked my sidebar and the info is there but there is no graphic or anything. This is my link if you decide to order. ::snort:: I ordered Zone Cleaning and received A bedroom cleaning one too.

These are fun and helpful for Nolan and Zander. Zander can't read so my other charts aren't great for him - they require me to read each instructoin. Nolan's therapist says he has processing trouble and I'm to draw pictures for each instruction I give him - THIS works great. I think the system will easily work without the books - afterall the Zone Cleaning really is my system...but for those with processing disorders or for young children this is FUN and GREAT and I didn't have to make my own charts. LOL

Zone cleaning covers the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room. The chores they list are close to what I have on my daily/weekly chart. There is space to add more chores if you'd like. I let the two younger ones use these when they are assigned one of those rooms.

The bedroom one has a system for cleaning well BEDROOMS. ::snort:: Here you go:

Get out your baskets: labeled toys, returns, books, clothes
Make a giant pile of everything out of place in the middle of your room....
Even from under the bed! WHY do they put toys under the bunk bed....
Sort the things into the four baskets. Grab a basket and TAKE IT WITH YOU as you put things away. Stacia loves to help.
When trash reaches the line; empty it.
Put baskets away.

Simple - but their room has been cleaned all week. OK it is REALLY messy several times a day but when I say "is your room clean" they know exactly how to pick it up now. LOL We'll add dusting and vacuuming as needed.

The photos make this usable for my younger set. It really does help Nolan do what he's asked to do......the therapist is going to think these are COOL. LOL

We got a Package!!!

From Grandma and Grandpa! It was full of cool stuff. There were little balls that boing and light up and make noise, there was a purse, nerf rockets, bubbles that are sticky and don't break (yikes - WHAT is in these things ::snort::)....lots of things.

Contraband candy for Mike and I....::snort:: and Happy Feet - there is NO way I'm posting the photo of me holding that. Sorry. ::snort::

Our Thursday Night Pool Party


Stacia's Favorite Trick (couldn't quite catch it with the delay thing)
Arielle was a big help with Zander when he wanted to go to the big pool
::snort:: I miss sports mode on the Nikon. This may have that, but I've not found it! LOL Picture Zander and Nolan barrelling out of here. Tried to find a new suit for Stacia. She decided at about 7:30 that it was time for the suit to come off. It is a suit from last year. So...we looked. No luck. So far just little bikinis. Don't they make one piece suits for infants any longer??????