Thursday, March 06, 2008

*Crime Scene Jerusalem* by Alton Gansky

 I really enjoyed Finder's Fee, another book by this author that I have previously reviewed. I saw this book week's ago as I was out looking for Lent resources. I snatched it up.
The premise of this book intrigued me. "What if a forensic detective could investigate the evidence surrounding the death of Jesus...and His resurrection?"
A chapter into this book I was thinking "ho hum". Slowly, I began to learn little cultural things that I'd not learned before about 1st Century Israel. It ties in so well with my Bible Reading; I did check his resources. Interesting tidbits that I began to learn and a question about Maxwell Odom kept me reading. Last night I reached a description of a Roman crucifixion. I almost didn't finish the chapter....but I decided to face the ugliness and push through. The the tomb, the upper room....oh it was good.
I had planned to finish this and send it to the girls before Easter...but I think the boys may want to read it now too. LOL
From the back of the book: "Crime Scene Jerusalem is the kind of novel that lingers in your soul, long after you put it down. Alton Gansky did a masterful job of portraying this modern crime-scene investigator who fins himself thrust into a time he knows nothing about - and learns how his own tragic life intersects with those who walked with Jesus. Besides holding me captive with his surprising, page-turning story, Gansky taught me things I didn't know. I wish everyone would read this book" Terri Blackstock, bestselling author of Last Light
My friend Liz tells me that she has not enjoyed the mystery series she found by this author. I've not hunted them up yet...but I did enjoy this book. Who would guess Sunday School would collide with CSI in such an interesting manner?
This is another 2008 Winter Reading Challenge book.

A Miscellaneous Kind of Day

 We finished another week with our new pace.  1.5 weeks per week till we find some place (like China) where we want to camp out. One, maybe two, more weeks like this and we should catch Jamin and Jared. ::snort::

We spent some time checking out the Iditaod racers, times, and such. Of course, we're rooting for DeeDee and Rohn Buser (Martin's son). Most of you haven't a clue what I'm talking about; do you? ::snort::

I did some looking on the PWOC Bible Studies there for PWOC groups to download....hmmm...maybe.

I ran the boys to the ministry where they volunteer. THEN Nolan, Stacia, Zander, and I headed to the gym. I had hoped for a 40 minute workout and then home to shower in time to pick up boys and head back to base for CAP. WELLLL......sure enough at 36 minutes, Stacia realized the play area in the Family Fitness Room is a cleverly disguised playpen. ::snort:: I didn't want to stop. I was reading the end of my book and wanted to finish. I made it to 45 minutes before balls were flying around the room. Just as we left the gym I got a call. The boys' club at a local school was cancelled due to weather (high 36* today). I was so glad I had that extra 5 minutes at the gym so I could simply go get them and wasn't on the highway heading home. LOL

Mike and Jared will be out late. I played around with a new template...but I'm hopeless. I'll probably go read a new book I'm starting. LOL