Thursday, May 08, 2014


Life is just not fair - or at the very least - dental care is not fair!

We had our first stateside dental visit today - because it took me forever to find the dentist we wanted to go to, and then another few months to get an appointment. ::snort::

We loved the dentist.

Overseas we were given ONE cleaning a year - and often it took longer than that for them to work us in. I didn't realize Stacia never got any sealants. Arielle should have had more on the back teeth and didn't get them. The boys had sealants when we went, and were young enough that they are just now due for more.

I discovered  I don't know how to breathe through my nose. I was doing just fine until she said, "Breathe through your nose," and I thought, "OH NO - I'm doing it wrong. I don't know how to breathe through my nose!"  Michael helpfully pointed out my "blonde roots were showing." I survived.

I  also discovered -  by listening today and asking some direct questions - the theory at our dental clinic seems to have been to "watch" things.....for instance I need to go back for scaling...the numbers they quoted were the same I remember from Misawa - but HERE they act quicker. The skeptic in me sees this two ways - either 1. Civilian dentists act quick before you move - get the money now, or 2. Military dentists didn't have the manpower to give us standard care. Could be a bit of both.
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In any event - I will go back for a scaling to help with developing periodontal disease. I will also have THREE cavities filled - and I brush religiously.

Arielle will have six - SIX - filled....and they said they can TELL she practices good oral hygiene as she has no staining from having had braces. She brushes and flosses religiously. She has a kit which goes with her and is used when she is out and about. No sugar is allowed more than 5 min on her teeth...and yet SIX....

Nolan had only ONE cavity - and ahem - he isn't religious about oral hygiene.

Zander hates anything in his mouth. You can imagine the trouble this creates. He got a lecture about brushing and flossing...and he had ZERO cavities.

Stacia LOVES to brush and floss. She has four cavities...and will get sealants.

Did you catch that? Arielle and I don't do sweets. We take good care of our teeth. The two of us have 9 cavities to share and periodontal disease. It also appears I have yellow teeth and should whiten them. What's a gal to do? I can't smile until I whiten my teeth ($200-500) - but if I don't do the scaling my teeth may fall out anyway - meaning I don't need to whiten them.

The boys do not take care of their teeth - and they are looking pretty.

What is NOT looking pretty is our budget. OUCH! I'm guessing we are all going vegan for a month or know beans, rice and veggies until the dentist is paid off. ::snort::

I loved the office. I'm praying they are good at fillings and such. Will their shots hurt???? We went to Twelve Bridges.

The good news is - while the young dentist in Misawa was CERTAIN I needed my wisdom teeth out immediately; this dentist didn't even mention extracting them - just pointed out where they were on the x-rays.   Again the skeptic in me figures the dentist in Misawa needed to practice oral surgery -  the one here wants to focus on whitening teeth. ::snort::

Words to live by.....
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This pretty much was our day. It takes WAY longer to get dental care in the states....I guess 10 minute cleanings really aren't the standard in the industry. ::wink::

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