Monday, December 08, 2008

The Season of Guessing....

is upon us...and I'm not talking about Christmas. I LOVE the anticipation of a move. I like to imagine the various spots we could go. I LOVE looking up various bases, checking their services, housing plans etc.

We will be moving this summer. The "requirement" list is out. Simply put this is a list of the bases that need someone in Mike's rank and a brief description of what they are looking for. Not all bases get their requirements in - but it's a FIRST indication of the various slots that will be filled. So....we look at the list, keep in mind being told it would be good for us to go to a "big base or overseas" and wait.

I also begin to research. Mike will be adjusting his sheet to match openings....I really know about the stateside bases. Here are the overseas bases that have slots of Chaplain (majors).....Incirlik, Turkey...Ramstein and Spangdhalem, Germany and Kadena, Okinawa (I think). Anyone been to these bases? Have an opinion? Sites for me to check out?

It began to hit me last night as I drove home from the Nutcracker. We are really moving in a few months. I hate to move and I LOVE the adventure of a new do you balance those competing feelings? I actually cried on the way to DQ for Nolan's celebration, I was considering that this was the last Nutcracker we'd watch in this town, the last time we'd see the amazing light display - but chalked it up to exhaustion and being ill. Now, I wonder anew, do we really want to move far away, while the older kids stay - "here"????? Do we really have a choice anyway? ::sigh::

Again, I remember what I believe. Christians in the military are Christ's ambassadors. He will place us where we need to be, where we will minister best for Him, influence those He wants us to influence and where there will be the right people and opportunities for our children. I can rest...or at least I should rest. ::snort:: For now....I'll take joy in researching and imagining the possibilities...Central, South East, Pac AF, USAFE, NW.....the options are mind-boggling.

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