Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Looking for Fleeces? ::snort::

It MUST be time to go home. My travel size shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel, hair spray, deodorant and toothpaste have all run out.  I took this as a good sign. 

At breakfast I heard our flights are changed again. Won't be flying tomorrow.

We headed out for today's test and discovered, though it WAS  approved BEFORE the appointment was made, we now have a new PCM in Misawa (one we've not met)...and Tricare says THE NEW PCM needs to request these tests....They rescheduled this test for Monday.

Someone in Tricare is now calling various Tricare departments to work it out. Michael has two cardiac tests scheduled for tomorrow. He's over there to see if this same scenario is in place or if they are still scheduled.

OUR thoughts are the abdominal ultrasound due to  post-op pain can be done in Misawa when we get back. The cardiac tests need to be done before we return. Hopeful the tests tomorrow continue as scheduled....at least if they aren't we will know NOW and can begin working on it. LOL

So....maybe all the toiletries running out didn't mean we'd fly tomorrow....but that I need to go shopping and will be traveling for another 5 weeks. ::snort::

{Note 2:24 p.m. Tuesday, 17 July - ALL tests ordered by the cardiologist have been postponed a week, regardless of prior authorization from 13 July and referral from Dr. T in Misawa.  This is obviously a Tricare snafu....we are still praying we can go home by the end of the week; but things are fairly dicey  now. 

We appreciate your prayers. This is nothing like a vacation. We didn't plan this expense.  We can't leave this location in case they suddenly work it out and we can be seen.  We still have NO answers to the medical questions we had over 3 weeks ago and still do not want to be in different countries until we have those answers. This is the type of  bureaucratic error which is likely to be common-place with a national health care plan. ::snort:: 

We ARE blessed. We do have health insurance. We are together. We do have friends and family to visit in Eugene (but if we knew we'd be here THIS long we'd also have visited CA and TX).... To be clear...we know we are blessed, we know God is sovereign...but our ministry is in Japan. We have unfinished projects, unfinished ministry, and an upcoming huge inspection....we want to go home. ::grin::}

Choosing Joy!
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