Monday, August 31, 2015


I had nearly forgotten four of us saw the optometrist last week. We wanted to get this done before we "hit the road." Three of us needed glasses.

Stacia saw the doc first and was fine.

Alex was next and was near-sighted.
Nolan told her his eyes were just fine, really good in fact. She said, "We'll see." What do you know? His eyes were worst than Alex's. He's enjoying the new glasses. He said he hadn't realized how many stars were in the sky. He must have wondered why we all liked to sit in the hot tub and watch the stars. ::snort::
I got chewed out. Over a year ago progressives were prescribed for me - I simply couldn't get used to them and kept wearing my readers. Now I have bifocals. They all told me that progressives are more "ascetically pleasing." If they give me migraines and make me throw up - they aren't the look for me.  I shouldn't have picked out glasses in the middle of a move...alone. They look suspiciously like red-wire-horn-rimmed glasses.  Supposedly they say, "I'm 50 and I'm fabulous. Get over the bi-focal thing."  I'm not quite sure that's the message I get from them - BUT I am seeing much better. Turns out I needed 250 in my readers and I got this steal of a deal at the Misawa BX a couple of years ago on 200's. I knew they were a bit fuzzy lately, but I wanted to use them all up....
In other news, we cleared our home in Olivehurst.
We returned Rachel's vacuum and two boxes of cleaning supplies we don't need to haul in The Caboose. It appears I have a "buy in bulk" obsession. Living in 268.5 (Michael says DON'T FORGET THE .5) may cure me of this.

AND, I got Eliana time as well as meeting the most adorable 9 month old girl, Tegan, in the spot next door. Yep - in one of those odd coincidences, a family we thought had moved away is right next door to us. That was fun. I wish we hadn't been so busy and could have sat and visited. Next week?