Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday's Adventures

Spurred on by a recent conversation with Barbara S, my morning began with a healthy smoothie sipped in the hot tub. A very good way to begin a day. 

I moved on to a Skype with the girls in Mexico. Arielle seems to be fully recovered and I enjoyed hearing the details of Leo's Quincianera. Krista explains the various parts of a quincianera, as explained to her,  here.  It's a beautiful ceremony....and there are a couple of posts up today with fun photos.  Arielle cracked all up by saying, "I want a Quince - all I got was a pickle!" (German Christmas tradition). 

As we talked....THIS is what I saw of my girls. Attack of the Lice - take 2. The boys buzzed their heads, but Arielle isn't quite that desperate yet. 

Michael gave the kids a choice of activities today. They chose BOWLING over hiking near Tahoe. I think they remember the last forced march along Feather River...and it is so hot.....I suspect they won't get a choice next time we have a Saturday without sermon prep. LOL  Nevertheless, off to Roseville we went.

I think we found the newest bowling ally in Roseville - Strikes. It wasn't the one we went to last time. Very nice - very expensive. We probably won't go there again.

All that money and they didn't have soft pretzels.

Who IS this woman with the camera????

Our Sam's Club membership has expired. Many have told me Costco has a lot of organic produce and items. They SAY it's the same distance as Sam's Club...but um..."they" do not live where I live.  I find that I haven't gone to Sam's often - Walmart is 8 min; Sam's is 25 min away....but I was lured by the promise of organic. They DO have a lot of organic stuff. We even saw a friend from chapel.

I didn't like the crowds...and I didn't like the way employees watched everyone - seeming to expect all  to shop lift. We thought it odd they were so obviously on the watch HERE -  in the area with the more upscale customers. I've never felt  I was being followed or that the Apple products were being guarded at Sam's club in Yuba City. 

Did I mention electronics?  Well - um... my cart clipped a box going around a corner and THREE 50 inch wide screen TV's fell off the pallet on to the floor. They came running. I told them I was so sorry - and as they went to put them back on the display they saw what I'd said....someone had stacked them three high - half on and half off the pallet. They asked if I'd wanted to buy one. I was just trying to escape the crowded walk. 

I suspect it would be more enjoyable during the week - less crowded - more relaxed...and I did love all the produce...BUT it is 50 minutes to my door from this store...50 minutes. I'm not likely to make that drive often - and frankly by the time I figure in TIME and gas it really isn't much cheaper than just buying organic at New Earth.  So....maybe I'm just destined to be a Walmart/Amazon Subscribe and Save shopper while living here. LOL 

We picked up a giant watermelon on our way back through Wheatland. A good Saturday. 

Choosing Joy!
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