Sunday, December 13, 2020

Out of Quarantine

Michael came out of the room to say, "Grandpa and I both got negative results on our tests." 

With those words our latest quarantine is over - Nov 9th - Dec. 13th! 

How did we spend our last Sunday in quarantine? We watched our local service online. 

I made a nice Sunday dinner which Grandpa, Stacia and I ate. Michael and Alex went out for a catch up Bible study. Nolan was at work. Krista spent the day with Luke and his family. 

I have spent quite a bit of time researching planners and journals. I have done my own bullet journals for 3 years and loved it - EXCEPT life got busy and I didn't have time to make the layouts and so it was stressful and counter-productive. I've also been using a fitness journal and wanted to see what else is out there. I discovered I will not find a planner that does all my bullet journal has done for I THINK I'm going to use this planner and add something for all the "collections" in my bullet journal which the planner will most likely not have space to hold. Collections? Books Read, Books to Find, Cheap Fun in the Area, Gift Ideas, Family Sizes....I may create a separate "Book of Lists."  And if life settles down by 2022 I will go back to a Bullet Journal as it has been the BEST planner system I've ever used. 

I was looking for a wellness journal much like the one I bought from Target - but prettier. I don't need to track food - I do that on the iTrackBites app....but I like to see on PAPER my workouts, have a place to jot goals, daily intentions, inspiration. I HAVE loved this journal, but I've been using it for a year and well - I like change and pretty.  I was hoping for all the Target journal had and a page a week for notes from a small group I attend. I found this one from Hallmark .... I think it has everything but the note pages. We'll see. I was able to spend my pastoral gift cards from the Pacific Region of Open Bible for both. Free planners. Life is good. LOL 

CoRielle came over in the evening! I had seen Danny when he came home from the hospital, but the others had not seen him without glass in between them. We all got to hold him. We visited. Benny orchestrated more dancing. It was great fun. 

Michael was up first to hold Danny. 

Benny claimed his lap as soon as Danny moved to GG's lap. 

GG meets a new great grandson! 

Stacia was excited to finally hold Daniel Michael.

Such a sweet BIG brother! 
Benny - 3 years 1 month, Danny 1 month

Arielle made Alex hold him...and it was sweet

And, finally, for the first time since he came home, I got to get Danny in my arms. There he stayed for a good long time. 

Life is sweet!
Photo via Arielle 

Such kissable cheeks! 

Ed and Jennifer stopped by with a plate of Christmas goodies. It's good to be out of quarantine. 
This is the first day I did not take anything for my headache since this all began Nov 22nd. I was the last to get it. I am hearing we are "immune" for 3 - 6 months now. Is that what you've all heard? I sure don't want a repeat of THIS. Maybe the 2nd time would be lighter? It was all the quarantining for those who didn't catch it that made it even longer. Stacia and Michael never did catch it.