Monday, June 22, 2020

June Snipppets

Alex graduated. He and Nolan are both working hard this summer. This is clear in that Stacia and Benny become the star of the photos. Arielle and Benny came to visit most days in the summer of 2020. 

 Walking with Benny is filled with a bit more advenutre and lots of stick gathering. 


Michael is working on the RV - Dad is "helping."

Lori, our hen is still brooding. 

Stacia made this quilt for Arielle's birthday. Each square features a character trait Stacia sees in Arielle. 

Stacia is interested in photographing her world.  

G Dog and Michael put up Stacia's "new" bed. Stacia had a loft bed she loved, but with Grandpa moving into her room, and sharing a room with Krista she needed to downsize a bit. 

Here's the curbside story book I wrote about in an earlier post. I love our local library. This was a great thing to do with kids during the shutdown. We walked along the sidewalk and read the story. 

Supply Disruption 

Walking through the spring and summer of 2020 was great for my mental health. The flowers still bloomed, the seasons changed...regardless. 

One study morning....all studies should be so sweet. 

Walking in the rain...

Still brooding....

Rainy days (yes, we get a few in the summer) are great for impromptu tea parties. I "enjoyed" the sugar free cookie while Stacia had the goey bars. LOL 

One day we drove into Eagle River. Check out this used book store. It was OVERWHELMING. 

Still walking...I love this farm in every season. 

Stacia brought in a Bunny for GG to enjoy. I note not only GG's wild attire, but the fact that he had gone out and got his paper. So much changed after his heart surgery a couple of months later.