Friday, June 02, 2023

A Full Friday

 The day began once again at the cafe; this morning with Allie. We also had a fantastic conversation. Some weeks things click better than others - I am going to label the conversations we had this week as heart discussions, more than simply the informational or even the theological. Good stuff. 

Allie and I stopped at the parsonage on the way home.  We sprayed down oven racks and tubs and checked to see what supplies were on hand and what would need to done later. 

Check out the NEW SNOW. Yep. It's raining at our house, but snowing on the mountain behind us. In JUNE. This can NOT be termination dust, I refuse to think summer will be over in 6 weeks. I like what others are calling it - another fake June. 

Stacia had some college papers to write. Allie prepped for work. I played with a new electric frother and Keurig the church purchased for us to use in our greeting/coffee ministry. This is a step up from the single size, no reservoir Keurig we've been using. Yes, I know, some of you have espresso bars at your churches...we started with what we have...and the emphasis is on the friendly greeting...not the coffee anyway. I've noted some stop just to chat and never get a drink. Which we love. 

Stacia and I went back to the parsonage for a few hours. We are simply sprucing things up...we will have a new pastor's family at some point....and this is a good time, with no one living in it, to get any needed repairs or maintenance done. 

We reached a point where we didn't have energy to tackle the next job - the entry way....and called it a night. We hadn't eaten and thought about going to McDonald's. We thought the lobby was open until 10 p.m. so we opted to go to the end of Benny's t-ball game before dinner. 
📷by Larissa

Danny was the first to see us park and made a break for the parking lot yelling, "Bachan's here." Jared, Larissa and Noah were also at the game. This was a bonus. We didn't think we'd make it to the game with all the other things we are trying to do this weekend. 

Jared & Noah 📷by Larissa

In a few years we'll be at Noah's t-ball games! Time moves quickly. 
Aunt Stacia and Noah

We joined JaRissa for dinner after the game. We "never" eat at McDonald's because, well because. We thought it would be fun to surprise Allie. The lobby was closed. We went on over to Dairy Queen.  It was fun to catch up with Jared and Larissa...and to know how better to support them in prayer in the upcoming weeks. 

I don't think I could have fit one more thing into this day. In fact, I had to move delivering eggs from today to tomorrow. LOL