Saturday, August 15, 2020

Preparing for Sundaes on Sunday

Day 4 of the "week" Dad has been given to "wake up."

This is the day before Stacia's birthday! Many in our family request various ice cream cakes for their birthdays. There have been a few cheesecakes requested...but for the most part it's ice cream cakes.  This year Stacia requested homemade ice cream and sundae toppings. If one wants homemade ice cream on Sunday - one makes ice cream on Saturday. This is a rhythm we have had in San Angelo, TX and when we lived in the RV....she misses it. 

I shopped for an amazing amount of toppings, cream, and honey and made the ice cream mixture. Michael and Benny manned the ice cream makers. 

LOVE the summer yard

The girls chopped candies, nuts and cookies. 

The magical moment when Benny SEES the milk and honey really DOES make ice cream! I love how God promised the Israelites a land flowing with ice cream milk and honey. It confirms to me we are meant to enjoy our food. 

Everyone's favorite part - quality control - tasting y'all. 

Such a helpful pup

Jamin came out and the guys enjoyed relaxing together. We love having Jared here...and we're proud of the work he is doing in Juneau as well. 

Tomorrow we celebrate Stacia turning 15 years old, we will miss GG.