Monday, March 01, 2021

Tea with Brenda

My goal is to host at least one person a week for tea...small groups allow for social distancing. Distance is "mostly maintained"...Hmm that famous line from Princess Bride leaps to mind..."Mostly dead is not the same as all dead." ::snort:: OK - except for the photo and maybe one brief hug, social distancing is maintained.  I am clear to let people know there are no hard feelings if they are uncomfortable meeting in person, and  we CAN wear masks if they'd like...with all disclaimers in place... 

Today, BRENDA joined me in the nook, the sanctuary. Again, like a broken record, it's been a year since Brenda was here at the house.  To sit, reminisce, collect our thoughts for now - is good. God has blessed me with so many dear friends and rich relationships in this season. 

I'm loving Mom G's "Hutch." I'd never considered the need for a "tea hutch" but it is great! The front pulls down to make a little table, and closes to hide tea "stuff". Today featured fruit, peanut butter (for the apples), chicken salad, milano cookies and someone to share it all...a small slice of contentment on this bright winter day. 

Sugar free syrups - I KNOW what you say
about sugar subs - works for me. ::wink:: 

Love this little sign - looking for one for each season. LOL 

I am enjoying my weekly "breathers."  I'm thankful for women willing to drive out to sit with me. Summer, with non-stop work and activity will be here soon enough. I'm content to savor the last bit of winter - as long as I stay away from spring social media.  We plan to share our home with other families at least once a month. 

Hello, March


What just happened? 

It's March 1st. 

March 2021. 

A year ago our state/country went into lockdown. Community which was building in so many areas (church, county, family) was wildly disrupted.  In some ways, I feel like I lost a year. Though we are "back" things still feel disconnected in many areas.  I turned the page in my planner, spent some time reflecting, and confirmed, "Yes, we, the Gherkins, are done." 

We are alert, cautious and will social distance as wise. However, we are DONE with the disconnect. The church is called to be a community. Jesus called us to relationships. We are commanded to show hospitality....we have done what we could during COVID...we have loved by distancing...but it's time for us to take wise steps to getting back to who we are called to be, doing what we are called to do....

To be clear there were many benefits to being locked down, to our months of quarantine....slowing the schedule is good, recognizing how important relationships  are is good, I discovered walking and walked MILES,  there was peace and margin and joy in the midst of the unfamiliar....

The winter has been long and we're a long ways from spring (you know GREEN spring) up here, but I've turned a page. It's time. I'm done isolating. 

February was hard in many ways....I haven't been able to work out for a month due to plantar fasciitis, Grandpa is getting cabin fever, four months of 24/7 caregiving and we are wearing down and out, a month full of family celebrations led to too much sugar consumption....

I'm turning a page. 

Hello, March! I welcomed you too casually last year, I welcome you with respect this year. 

Let's do this!