Monday, November 23, 2020

When Click List Becomes an Outing

 "Covid! Who would have thought picking up GROCERIES would be an outing?" 

Yep. That's it. The excitement for today was Cory dropping off some Lactose intolerant milk, submitting a click list order and Michael picking up said well as dropping off our Christmas Blessing donations at the church so they can sit a good long time before anyone touches them. 

ANOTHER click list order?  It appears I forgot  "covid essential" supplies - ice cream, more zinc, more diet 7 up, more wipes...I couldn't find Lysol spray online. I'm sure it IS there,  I simply wasn't able to discover the magical combo of words which would have put it into our cart. ::snort:: 

Monday - Nolan's Covid test is positive. This resets the clock for him returning to work. He will be home with us at least 10 days, then he'll test again and see if he's negative or positive. Alex has 6 days left before he can retest. Michael and Krista's tests came back negative. Honestly, we know they DO have it - because they HAVE been exposed and ARE experiencing symptoms. Krista was hoping to finally get a positive so she could be assured of freedom in 10 days! 

The way the DHSS guidance reads every time one of us who hasn't testing positive comes in contact with one of us who HAS tested positive, we are to quarantine an additional 14 days. You DO see the craziness of this in a large family? It may be spring before one who doesn't test positive is allowed out...A significant amount of time was spent re-scheduling appointments - again. 

And so our quarantine has extended to Dec 6th  due to Nolan's test results and well it keeps moving as we keep seeing him...because frankly...we are ALL HOME and we are going to be TOGETHER now that Dad has shown symptoms. 

The older 3 Gherkins are so busy we rarely have us all home. One blessing of quarantine is it takes the pressure off to "rush back to health"...we rest when we need to, get up and do what we can when we feel like it, and we're together. Dinner may be jello, but we're together. We have TIME to watch Christmas movies, play games, read...unfortunately, we ARE missing out on seeing our new grands, or having all the Gherkins over for Thanksgiving. 

I determined to take one Covid Quarantine photo a day and try to at least keep that current on the blog. 

Today's Quarantine Photo 

Alex and Stacia were bored enough to play a double game of Monopoly. Grandpa wasn't too excited about the game, but was glad to be with the group. Krista won. 

Symptom wise...I believe all FEVERS HAVE BROKEN. Alex is on the mend. Krista is on the mend with wild swings of symptoms.  Both of them had it ROUGH about this time last week. Nolan has added a lack of taste to his list of symptoms. Michael was up today, and down some of the day. I have discovered an odd lack of taste and I have been really sleepy...just 'off'.  Nolan and I were discussing how the zinc really has no taste....and the others insist they DO taste. I suspected my taste buds were off last night when I accidently dumped a 1/4 cup of garlic on my quesadilla. I could barely taste the garlic - and I wondered.  We wonder if Stacia's cold may have been covid...but she's young and her immune system kicked whatever it was. Grandpa is still having no respiratory problems - PRAISE GOD.  He isn't retching today, but continues to have GI issues. We are keeping him hydrated. He's eating a lot of sugar free jello and soda and is happy thinking he is getting lots of sugary treats. ::shhhh::

Various home health members from Ancora have called about Dad today. None came into our home. One or two were willing too, but I didn't think it was essential. They called Dad's doc and Dad's doc wants him to go get a Covid test. I suspect it's so the home health has clear guidelines on if they are, or are not, coming into our home....but we'll do it. I was told they needed a "baseline" because of Dad's age. WHUT????? Dad seems excited for an outing....and that's the sad season of life we've been in since October....getting a covid test is an exciting outing. ::snort::  

This will be dad's 3rd test. Krista has had 6 and Michael has had 2.

Sorry for the long-winded update.  This begins our 3rd week of lockdown....though Dad and I have been mostly locked down since Oct 8th.  

Isn't it ironic the ramp is complete and we CAN go out and now we're ordered to stay IN? ::Snort::