Thursday, December 20, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Unwelcome Surprises

Poor Mike often finds unwelcome surprises when he climbs into bed. The younger ones get to watch cartoons and such while the older ones are doing school or really busy.

One time Mike climbed in and discovered HIS side of the bed was wet. Often HIS side of the bed is "crunchy"....or "gritty".....I'm not sure WHY they like to snuggle under the covers on HIS side of the bed.....

Last night we climbed into bed and discovered the most irritating grit in our bed. I was perplexed. I had MADE the bed and didn't remember kids under the covers. This morning as I prepared to wash sheets I discovered the grit looked suspiciously like cookie crumbs. We HAD baked their favorite cookies yesterday. At one point I did decree that there would be no more cookies for Zander and Stacia. They didn't fuss. I did note that the older kids seemed to be eating a lot of cookies through the afternoon. Hmmm....

This I interrogated the suspects. I told Zander and Stacia, "Yesterday you two snuck some cookies, got under Mom and Dad's sheets, and ATE them.

Zander's eyes got huge and he said, "How did you KNOW that?" ::snort::

Thirty minutes later he came up and said, "Mom, how DID you know that?" I told him that Moms have ways of knowing when their children disobey.

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