Sunday, March 25, 2007


We have had a lazy day. We went to lunch at Cheddars....where they tried to sit 9 of us at a table that would comfortably sit 6. Then we went to a graduation meeting for Josiah. Next was bringing the trailer home to get ready for our next outing. I helped Mike finish unpacking. Mostly, I've been reading Jamin's book. I'm really enjoying it. In fact, we are probably going to make it our next family read aloud. We'll see. We've had fun discussions about some of the characters and such in the book. We tried to guess who of our friends and family show up in the book. ::snort::

Burka Babe

What would you do with a man who brought home something like this to YOU? No offense to anyone - but I think I preferred the Korean robe. ::snort:: The boys were VERY close to daring me to wear this to chapel....but they refrained.....probably afraid that I would.

Accessories - Mike informed me that you don't accessorize a burka