Saturday, February 24, 2007

Late Saturday

I'm very tired. Tomorrow is an early day...but Josiah won't be home for a while. He's closing tonight and this is their last night of the Redneck Convention.

I got 3 hours of sleep last night because Stacia was restless....and so was Zander. I still haven't found chewable melatonin for that boy. I should look; that would probably be the first step. ::snort::

I got the rough drafts of two brochures done this evening. One for SAGE (Shop Natural co-op) and one for Veggies Sales (produce co-op). NOW if I could get them to print back to back - so they READ RIGHT.....I'd be set. I sure miss the printer that would PRINT double-sided and didn't require me to do mental gymnastics!

Yikes- it's catching!

 Check out the way Zander did his hair today.
Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with the snake, and there are simply so many battles to fight with and for Zander that I don't make him wear his clothes inside out unless we are leaving home or having friends in. LOL


Josiah and I got the printer working!!! Yes, yes, YES! We still only have one computer but at least it can PRINT!

Darshia, I printed out what I think is the form we need to register the RV....I'll get that all in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

25 Feb - 3 Mar Menu's

Monday - Slow Cooker Roast/Veggies, salad, fruit

Tuesday - Bible Study YOYO (You're On Your Own)

Wednesday - BBQ Beef on a Bun, salad, fruit

Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie, salad, fruit

Friday - Pizza (cheese, BBQ veggies, "Hawaiin"), salad, fruit tray

Saturday - Encore Presentation

Sunday - Dine Out

*No, I've not gotten lazy. We find with Josiah working, Mike deployed and the girls living in WA - we need TWO left over nights....we never get to all the meals we plan because we're swimming in'm going to plan for it this week and we should then eat them all and not have any. ::snort::

Honey Mustard Dressing

1 C Vegenaise (or mayo)
1/2 C Honey
1/2 C Dijon Style mustard (I used Westbrae)

Mix it up. YUM! The girls and I LOVE honey mustard dressing and I've not found a recipe that we liked as well as the store bought...until this. I suspect the flavor will depend on your choice of mayo/mustard....but if you like the may0/mustard you use....I'd think you'd like the dressing they make. LOL I kept seeing this one and skipping it for recipes with more ingredients but this is my favorite so far...thus it needs to be here so I don't LOSE it!

*Made with the Vegenaise and the Westbrae mustard, this has 0 Cholesterol and is 37 calories a Tablespoon (which is what I use on my 2 C salads).

The Calorie Experiment....

It's been six weeks since I agreed to UP my calorie intake to 1200. (That so that none of you think I'm trying to restrict my calories - I'm not - though I realize for many to eat 1200 calories WOULD be restricting).

Yesterday, I WAS HUNGRY! This is a first. I mean my stomach even growled a few times when I'd forgotten to have a mini-meal in 3 hours. I'm thinking this signifies that my body is starting to wake up again. We'll see.

I've lost 13 or 14 pounds in the 6 weeks. I think I'm a believer...though I'm just as nervous now about upping calorie intake again. LOL

I'm still doing the aerobic step board video 5 times a week. I added the 8 Minutes in the Morning back in and I'm also doing ab work daily....but really the only major change I made was eating 1200 calories even when I don't feel like it. I'd done the others faithfully for months.

Last week, I was discouraged to only lose one pound...because I would have loved to make goal before Mike comes home. THEN I measured and I lost 4 1/2 inches in ONE things are working.

I'm currently reading "Curves" by the founder of the Curves Fitness Centers and what he recommends is what the dietitian and Exercise trainer have said. The only difference being that he would have had me at 1200 for 2 week and then up the calories. I'm going to talk to Debbie about this. I don't feel a NEED to up calories but I DO want to keep building my metabolism. Eating and weights seem to be the way to do that for the over 40 bunch - anyway. LOL I had NO CLUE that curves had a weight loss portion you can participate in, in addition to their circuit training. It appears to me that the weight loss portion is EDUCATION....same things I've been learning. LOL