Thursday, December 25, 2014

First Day of Christmas

I was going to make this several posts - but I'll just make one long one and you can scroll through the photos as you like. LOL

We had a wonderful day! We don't do a gift exchange on the 25th any longer (unless we have company who won't be here later in the week), but we DO celebrate Jesus.  We do a gift exchange later on during the Twelve Days of Christmas - usually on 31 Dec as that fits with the culture of the country of our heart - Japan.

Stacia reminded me of the long-standing tradition of homemade Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning. Funny thing about traditions-you may never know when they begin; but they rarely end.  Stacia got up to help bake- I think that's become part of the tradition now. The small pan is totally sugar free - made with dates - as I'm trying hard to eliminate sugar until 24 Jan.  The top pan is lethal.
We had hung birthday banners (Jesus') and had balloons etc. The kids really liked the balloons Cynthia gave them. LOL
Note - the sniper on the balcony

Yes, I provoked him. He loved it. 

I was motivated by Desiree's darling stair step photo of her children on Christmas Morning. We used to take these photos - and I decided to do one even though four were missing...... Pretty good except for the closed eyes and fake smiles....
I told them to say Sushi....look who held "su" much longer than necessary....
This may be my favorite

The girls gave each other pedicures. Krista now has Duck toes. 
Michael turned the trailer around....
The girls made the cake yesterday and we decorated it today...
It was an evolving plan

Seriously working
 The star was the crowning touch
Also seriously working

While we decorated Nolan cleaned our windows! 

Some took naps, some read...

Stacia and I baked bread. She also scrubbed and cut up potatoes and we got a roast in the oven....with an extra pan of roasted veggies.

BreZaak and my folks arrived in the afternoon

 Bre - I'd been bike riding with Stacia - I don't always wear a helmet

Love having a son in law
Yep - fits right in
After dinner we had family circle, sang our Christmas Hymn and played Birthday Party games.....In year's past we've drawn a stable and pinned a star.  The stable didn't make the move - but Westlie and MTOC reminded me there IS a DONKEY In the story. LOL
 House Rules - we moved the board after each turn
The older girls seemed too happy to spin each other

Bre is dizzy
 They  moved the board to the kitchen on me

This was the funniest - Krista really got Michael

 It made us nervous to spin Grandpa and Grandma around - but they insisted.

Party Shot


Choosing Joy!
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