Friday, February 08, 2008

Lent/Resurrection Day Celebrations

I would love to hear how some of you celebrate the church season of Lent. I've shared before that I was not raised with a liturgical calendar. Adding Advent to our traditions has greatly helped us to keep our focus on Christ at Christmas.

I've started to wonder.....if something similar would happen if we added some Lent traditions to our family. We've never done the Easter Bunny, eggs etc. We've not done Lent either. It seems that Easter sneaks up on us each year. I know the Lent season has begun when we have the "chapel cleaning" and when the Catholics have a pancake race. ::snort:: NO OFFENSE MEANT - it looked like a lot of fun.... I've never been one to fast according to the calendar - but then again, I do have a regular fast that God has called me to undertake. In other words - I know that many give up something for Lent - and I understand why. Others choose to enjoy the blessings of God with thanksgiving rather than fast - and I understand why. I'm not looking for debate. I'm wanting to learn from those of you who celebrate Lent what you do and how it enhances your appreciation of Christ's sacrifice and celebration of His resurrection.

We plan to have a Seder meal this year. It's so easy for the meaning of the seasons to get lost in a busy pastor/chaplain's family....and I'm wanting to stop that trend. We've done the Resurrection Eggs for years. Michelle mentioned she bought Benjamin's Box. Have others of you used that? How have you used it? What else do you do? Any traditions that have been either particularly meaningful or fun for your family?

Update - we've also made Resurrection Rolls when the older children were little. That presented a meaningful picture.

If you are interested in more discussion of this be sure to click "email responses to me" in the comment section or stop by here, and you can read all replies. I'm praying through this, and of course, will share as we go about our celebration of Christ's Sacrifice and Resurrection.

I still have up our "Jesus" stocking for catching others doing Christ-like deeds. It fits with this season. I saw this set at Oriental Trading and am considering it may serve as an easy way to keep the season in front of the kids - as a nativity does.

We are praying and thinking and moving ahead. We don't want to invest in "Jesus Junk" and we are very allergic to legalism, but Mike and I are both on the same page about focusing on Christ's GIFT and RESURRECTION for more than a week before Easter.

2nd Update - I stopped in at the Family Christian Bookstore armed with a list of books I hoped to see and buy. They had NONE of them. They DID have the Resurrection eggs. I asked about Lent/Easter resources, and they told me they don't have their Easter stuff out and won't put it out until after Valentine's Day. I'm starting to see why Protestant's don't celebrate Easter for more than one day. ::snort:: WELL, you know me, I can't leave well enough alone. I asked WHAT resources they would be putting out? EASTER CARDS and candy. "Um....any resources to build excitement in my children as we move towards Jesus' Resurrection?" - No, none. I plan to call and talk to the manager. I'm hoping that the clerks today simply aren't in the loop. OH WAIT - They did have a Veggie Tales dvd "An Easter Carol" with Rebecca St. James as one of the voices I figured it has to have a Christian message in it. That was it....a veggie tale DVD and the Resurrection Eggs.
I'm seriously talking to Mike and Jamin tonight about writing a story such as Jotham's Journey for THIS season. I know they could do it well. I'm not sure it will done by THIS year - but maybe next year. Mike could write devotionals we'd agree with ::snort::, and Jamin is an exciting story teller. I'd like to see an exciting adventure with children working up to Passover/Crucifixion/Resurrection/Great Commission/Ascension....hmmmm WHERE WOULD YOU STOP??????

TGIF Happy 9th Birthday to Nolan!

Shew....another the can...

Super Dog made an appearance at Produce Co-op. Krista made the kids capes with their initials years ago....our poor Beatrix. Can you even TELL she's a dog?

We've decided to celebrate Nolan and Zander's birthday this Sunday and Josiah and Jamin's next Sunday. Mike DID stay home today (Friday's are his day off but the majority of the time, he goes in full or partial days).
We went to the lake and played a rousing game of Volleyball. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Brotherly affection - ::snort::Photobucket


Honest! They were GOOFING OFF!

We had great fun until someone hit the ball into the water....
We got the ball out but it was slashed.

The younger ones played red light/green light; Mike and the older boys tossed a ball. I read. Josiah was at work.
We dropped Jamin and Jared off at home. Jamin made pizza dough. Mike, the younger ones and I ran to Sam's club. I bought cheese and something else we must have needed. We had to run to Target to get Newman O's. Mike is making two ice cream cakes tonight so they'll be nice and firm by Sunday. Oh - that's what we needed at Sam's, cream to make ice cream. ::snort::

I got in 4 fast miles. Stacia is my workout buddy. She ran and got shoes...then ran and took her dress off and put workout clothes on...Arielle took lots of photos, but I am NOT posting the ones of me in tight sweats working out. ::snort:: I did get 50 more minutes of exercise in for the week. Leslie has a new DVD out....
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The boys and Mike went for a run. We're now home watching Hercules from Netflix. Jamin said it would be a good tie-in to our study of ancient Greece.
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