Friday, August 29, 2008

Photobucket I Eat 'bout you? ::snort::

Beware. I've stayed away from political posts...but HEY, I'M SMILLING BIG THIS A.M. I have been emailing McCain constantly with my thoughts on his VP pick. ::snort:: In fact, my boys were shocked I'd share my thoughts as honestly as I did.....however, that's politics.

Could it be true? Has he really picked a candidate who is STAUNCHLY conservative, pro-life, YOUNG and a female? A social, cultural and fiscal conservative? A governor who cut her own salary? I hope so. I can tell you that Obama was the ONE person who could probably get me to hold my nose and vote for the Republican nominee....but Sarah there's a candidate I can get excited about. We shall see. BTW Pawlenty is also a Christian - I could have been excited about him too....though there is just something about Sarah that I like - a lot. LOL

I'm wondering what happens if McCain gets up after all the hype early this a.m. and says, "My nominee is Good Ole Boy Jim Bob" or something. ::snort::

Update - it's true! Young, PRO-LIFE, Christian, Fiscal Conservative....5 children....
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