Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Stacia turns 11

For eleven months out of the year Stacia has a count down on her phone to her birthday. We aren't sure WHEN birthdays became huge to her - but they are. She had told us months ago this year she'd like to spend her birthday with Grandma G.....and we told her it was a lovely idea, but we'd be camp hosting in ID and so we'd stop by in September. ::snort:: Jokes on us. here we are.  Stacia is the last one to have a birthday since we moved into the Caboose. LOL  Below is the banner she made nearly a year ago for Michael's birthday - the first one in the Caboose. 

She was SO excited to see that we'd bought a little banner and hung it at the front of Grandma's house. I nearly didn't get it.

Michael declared it a no work day as it was Stacia's birthday. WE SLEPT IN. We had a leisurely morning, the kids played pool in the lounge, we ate lunch and then we went over to see Mom G. We visited and then spent a couple of hours swimming.

The tiara didn't work with the snorkel and mask 

She swam up and down the rapids today

This is our 11th week here and it's the first time I've gone to the river. I need to find balance somewhere in this mix. 

Michael grilled ribs and we had all the fixins.  
Birthday Blessing

Somewhere during dinner the calls from siblings began - what fun for our little extrovert! 

The cookie dough ice cream cake! 

Dreamy, ice cream coma look 

Mom G said, "Stacia shouldn't be a farmer. She should be an actress." I guess so. LOL Who wouldn't get into the spirit of a birthday with this sort of excitement and appreciation.

What caused so much excitement? Alex bought her pencils. We tried to talk him out of it. He was adamant....and she was thrilled. Really.

I honestly WOULD have purchased pencils months ago if I realized she was doing math with a 1/2 inch nub of pencil. LOL Note Alex's thumbs up below. He was right. We were less right.

It's not just the cool, Capt America,  "smoothie cup" that has her excited. It's the notice that we pre-ordered the "new" Captain America. We were traveling and missed it in theaters. 

She wasn't quite sure what this was?  It's a telescoping fishing rod. 

Also in the bag was a photo of a fishing reel! She's over the moon excited.

It was a great day! Our baby is 11...time is marching on! We are happy she got her wish to celebrate her birthday with Grandma G.  She asked me tonight if she should put  a new count down for her next birthday tomorrow. I suggested maybe waiting a month or two. LOL