Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Another Lovely Day

 Millie gets over-looked in the midst of the crazy, chaotic morning routine.  She uses this tendency to her advantage. She knows we don't allow her up here, but that doesn't stop our sneaky gal from trying. 

Honestly, she DOESN'T SHED and I would love to allow her up here. There is a concern, however,  she will rip the leather and it's not an easy fix. 

Poor Millie

Another lovely October fall day in Alaska. 

This morning I woke dad up, rather than  letting him sleep until the sun wakens him. That sun thing makes for a later and later rising time. ::snort:: Our agenda today included a shower, visitors, and an OT appointment. Bre was scheduled to bring the kids over while she went to an OB appointment so we had a "deadline" and an "adventure" we were working towards. 

We had a shower mishap. I'm not terming it a fall as it was VERY controlled.  Dad's legs went out - I grabbed him and lowered him to the floor. I'm thankful Nolan was home to help get him off the floor. 

Stacia and I made sugar cookies to decorate with Bella, Gideon and Annie. Autumn, at Sophia's Cafe, makes a wonderful chocolate sugar cookie. We experimented. I think I will try again in the near future using Monkfruit, or Pyure stevia, and melted sugar free chocolate. These did turn out wonderful.  I'm partial to the multi-colored llama, campfire and leaves. Dad liked the bears. 

We were right on schedule when we discovered a change in plans.  I don't get to my phone as quickly as I used to. The roads were such that Izaak opted to drive Bre and kids across town rather than have her out on the roads. We'll catch the kids on another day. 

Marvilie and Avigail blessed our family. They read about the Walmart/Freddies grocery order fiasco and offered to pick up the things I couldn't get at Freddies when they went shopping today.*  We NEED this stuff so we can practice making a cake for our November Family Birthday party. Benny and Michael are getting a year older....and Michael agreed to a dino theme - along with his extreme moosetrack ice cream cake. LOL  I am looking for ways to make an exploding volcano. Any ideas? 

It was so sweet to see Marvilie and an immense blessing not to have to arrange someone to be here in order to make the run. When the ramp is completed we'll be able to take Dad with us and he'll enjoy the outings. Of course, with COVID, home is probably the best place for us. 

Dad was up and ready for an adventure - but the kids weren't coming. We switched gears and had a tea/coffee/hot chocolate party. It was perfect. 

We saw a different OT today. She is the supervisor who had done Dad's original intake. I guess we will see her once a week. Dad commented he likes her best.  We had accumulated all sorts of doo dads to help Dad dress, per the other OT's advice. Dad simply doesn't have the balance to get his feet into pants/socks etc.  without help. WELL.....Roxana said to SIT IN THE WHEELCHAIR. So simple. We'd been sitting on the bed or standing and neither worked well.  He can do it if he's sitting in the chair....she said the nursing home should have showed us this when we discharged, but she was pretty sure they hadn't. I told her they loaded him and his things in the car and gave me 4 pages of instructions/meds and that was it. 

In the facility if Dad said he was tired they skipped PT and OT. Here, I say, "Let's do 2 laps and then you can rest." He's not totally thrilled with having the new therapists tell him it's time to work when they arrive - regardless - but he IS making GREAT progress. Some days he does most his moving with the walker. That's progress. 

Nolan suggested moving pizza to Wed night rather than Fri night. This worked well with youth and therapy appointments. And yet, I STILL missed another text on my phone and we forgot an appointment we had with a lovely couple. We are blessed they love us. 

Meanwhile,  poor, banned Millie pouts. Life isn't exciting if she isn't allowed on the couches. LOL 

*I've tried Walmart online groceries numerous times. I've talked with the local and 800 customer service reps,  as well as my credit card. I've tried various cards. For some unknown reason, when I place an order it is ALWAYS charged 4 or 5 times. Always. Regardless of the card I use.  Of course, ANY credit card then denies it and locks the card until I call. Walmart says this is a glitch and it won't happen again - but it always does.