Thursday, May 03, 2007


WooHoo! everything arrived today. Here's Josiah with the loot....
He will be getting a diploma from NARHS, but we wanted to give him one too.....The girls always said the one they earned from US was harder to get than the one the state school awarded. ::snort::
Inside: With Hearts of gratitude
for God's enabling grace
we are pleased to announce the
Home School Graduation
of our Son
Josiah Michael G
Please join us........
Michael & De'Etta

Inside: Meadowcreek Academy of Excellence - Whereas our son Josiah Michael G has not only mastered a body of knowledge pursuant to a high school education, but has also demonstrated Godly wisdom and personal maturity based upon faith in Jesus Christ, We, his parents, present him with this high School is evidence that he has fulfilled all requirements for graduation and is given with confidence that he is equipped, by the grace of God, to meet the challenges of life as an adult. Dated this nineteenth day of May, Two Thousand Seven....then Proverbs 9:10 and our signatures....

New Game

I picked up this game at the used book sale last weekend for .50. We are enjoying it. It's a great game for younger ones to enjoy.....Arielle, Nolan, Zander and I have been playing it in the afternoons. Stacia is the chaos factor...robbing our cards but contributing little to the objective of the game.

Stacia Photos

Evidently there was a big pillow fight last Friday night while I was out "working" at the PWOC project night. LOL I can tell it HAD to be Friday night because I was totally unaware of the event AND the screen is propped up on the chairs for movie night - which is always Friday night.
Can you tell where she IS? The tip top of a over 6 foot tall bookshelf. No, she did NOT get herself up there....and YES, her assistant is nearby right out of camera shot.


Last Friday, Arielle and Nolan were in a play at Camp Broadway Kids. The play had everything from a dwarf, a witch, Hansel and Gretel, an elf, a father and a stepmother. I won't post many photos as I don't have permission from parents....but here is one with Nolan as the Father and Arielle as the Stepmother...discussing what to do with their children Hansel and Gretel (whose Mom I think will be fine with this photo).
They really enjoyed their class. Thanks, Deja, for the help in getting them TO class when Mike was deployed. We look forward to more of these types of activities in the future. You know - extracurricular with "start/stop" date that we can handle. LOL
PS - yes, the card reader WORKED this a.m.

Prayer for Heather

Heather, the young mother at the top of my side bar, is having brain surgery today. As the Lord brings her to your mind, please pray for her and her family. You can read more by clicking the link in the side bar.


It seems I've been neglecting the blog. Here goes a quick update.

We are busy "finishing" up school. We're preparing for graduation. We're STILL waiting for the announcements to arrive. At this rate folks will get invited AFTER the ceremony. I can't quite figure out what the problem is; I ordered from a company that has been very quick in the past. LOL

I did have my first doctor's appointment. I love the doctor. She's very cool. She agreed that there was NO reason for a ton of tests due to my age, because I wouldn't choose to terminate a pregnancy. Looking over my records, she was surprised that I'd been offered an abortion "today" with Stacia by the specialist...she said that actually the test results he was looking at made Downs look less likely than simply looking at my age had. I knew that man had an agenda the minute he walked into the room. ::snort::

I sold some curriculum online....not sure what else I've done. Mostly, I've been sick. I've eaten 7-up and cheddar bunnies for the past few days. We've had several great evening family walks. Bible Study on Tuesday night went well - hard to believe that we have only one week left before summer break. That's about it.