Monday, July 23, 2018

Dad Fishes in Whittier

Dad's Alaskan Bucket list includes fishing. Dip-netting was fun to watch - but he had to be an observer.  Josiah scouted Whittier on Saturday. The guys fished their often last year, but this time he was looking with an eye to Gpa being able to get to the river. He thought it was ambitious, but doable. It would be the best chance to catch a fish. It's hard to find good fishing holes with easy access.

Michael and Dad went and bought a 24 hour license for Dad.  Michael had an appointment this morning, we left when he got home. We didn't hit the tide right, so we didn't catch any fish. WELLL......Michael would say we caught a few, but we didn't bring them home. If they don't make it into the freezer or a jar - they don't count in my book. LOL

We DID have a great day! Dad loved being out on the river. It was a beautiful day  - the cove, ringed by forest, mountains and a glacier, were Alaska Perfect. We made great memories. He did fall, but insists he's fine.

Dad an Michael 

Dad and Alex
 Stacia, Nolan and Alex helping Gpa over the rocks and through the creek

Glacier on the left of the photo

Just us most of the day - heavenly

My Favorite
Nolan and Gpa

This evening we stopped at Fred Meyers to buy a lunch cooler and a lb of dry ice. We'll pack it with reds for him to take home. It's been a great visit. Dad is our only grandparent still alive - we plan to get as much time with him as we can. Several times he mentioned coming for a month next summer....and that Josiah had told him he'd take him out on his snow machines if he comes in the winter. LOL

I think we've made enough memories to hold us until we see each other again.