Thursday, January 03, 2019

10th Day of Christmas - Friends and a Truck

We headed to Anchorage today and picked up Don and Beth. Don was on staff at the Bible College we attended. Beth and I were freshmen the same year. She is one of my dear Sister Friends. It is so rejuvenating to have time with them. 

We had some errands to run. We stopped by Mike's neurologist for a new prescription. We headed to the VA clinic to turn in the script at the pharmacy. We had lunch. We picked up the meds....and along the way we also picked up this.

There's been a lot of talk that I can't drive the truck....but Michael assures me it's all teasing. Be that as it is, he is loving the truck. We still have a chunk left in the money we've set aside for cars...and so we are now looking for a "family" car.  We are considering a trip to the bank to pull out the remainder of our car budget in CASH....and then go shopping and fan out the cash we will offer and see what they can find us. ::snort:: 

Michael, Don, Beth and I spent the evening visiting and laughing. The kids played Flash Point. 

They haven't done a great job of saving the structures at this point.