Saturday, March 11, 2023

Educational Update

Intellectual with a touch of mischief! These girls ROCK! 

Allie has submitted her final assignment for her current two classes. She is 1/2 way through her AA degree. She made an A in both classes.  She's actually made an A in EVERY class with the exception of Math and Introduction to Screenwriting. Not too shabby! 😏 A highlight of this semester for both Allie, and Michael, is her 100% in her final Apologetics paper. She and Michael spent much time discussing concepts and then she wrote and wrote, and he edited, and she wrote more, and he edited more. She plans to fully enjoy her well-earned Spring Break. 

Stacia has received an A in her first class at Global University and has registered for her second class. This one is on computers and our hope is it will make the rest of her course work easier. She is also considering the various training options available to her in addition to Bible College.  Her trip to Hawaii put her a bit "behind" where she wanted to be in her high school course work - but she only has a few appendices to read to be done with high school. She will continue to take Japanese tutoring twice a week until she graduates from IDEA.  At that point she will have completed her high school Japanese lessons. Her plan is to continue with Japanese lessons and tutoring through college as she prepares to move to Japan. 

Krista has completed her first class on her journey to a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling. She made 197 out of 200 possible A. Go, Krista. All those hours alone in airports and strange cities are paying off. 

Izaak, Bre's husband, is steadily knocking out classes in his master's program and will shortly complete his Masters. I can't remember the exact title...I know it has something to do with counseling and drug recovery. 

Nolan is steadily working towards his BA in Business. 

Carrie is beginning her studies to get a BS to go along with her RN licensing.