Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drama at the Back Door

Jared watch Stacia while Jamin made dinner, and I worked on the group co-op order. He realized she can open the back door and so he moved the child proof knob from the pantry (where I was attempting to keep Zander out of the pantry, but it hasn't worked for months now that I think of it) to the back door. Oy Vey! A tantrum royale...without the results she had planned on. We have been shocked and awed by the tantrums this week....but as of yet they don't last long and aren't happening frequently....because she seems to be bright enough to realize they aren't working. ::snort:
Realizing that Jared was laughing and not opening the door, she moved on to me as I worked on the order...this didn't work either...and she quit.


 Only 5 or 6 more until my man is home!

I got the Shop Natural order to send. The lady I was waiting on called right as I was clicking the button. I was able to add her order manually and then send it all on. Shew.

We had a lazy morning. Well.....all but Cy who has to work mega hours this week and next due to the um....well....shoot....I'll be nice and not share our family name for this season of life in our small West TX town....but this is the Stock Show and RODEO season. This translates to lots and lots of extra people (and animals) in town and lots of extra business for Chick Fil A (both at the mall and at the Stock Show where they have a trailer). THE REST of us...had a lazy morning.

I did an extra workout. Jamin and Jared both went running and I was able to calculate the exact amount of calories they burned for them based on their activity level and weight etc. They were suitably impressed.

This afternoon we went geocahcing. We've had a string of bad luck but we found one! It was at a gorgeous pond in the middle of a residential area....I had no clue it was there. There were lots of ducks, seagulls and grackles....pretty cool. They kept swarming and flying overhead. Unfortunately, I pushed some button on the unit and neither Jamin nor I could figure out how to get back to the screen to load coordinates for the NEXT cache! ::snort:: Thus, our day of caching ended.

It really was for the best as we got home at dusk. Jamin volunteered to make the stroganoff tonight, freeing me to wrestle with the possessed computer in the hopes of getting the Shop Natural order finished before it crashes or does whatever it is going to do.

Baths and such and the day is ending.

Our First Cache - we couldn't' find it....very frustrating as we KNOW it's supposed to be right here....but it's not.

We found the cache here and had a great time tossing rocks, relaxing, watching wildlife...until Zander needed a toilet...then we couldn't load new coordinates! ::snort::

WOE is ME.....LOL

I'm going to try to update the blog...but this last working computer is being very STRANGE! I fear it has joined the rebellion.

When I go online and my home page (verizon) is going up it begins to bounce up and down...the screen not the monitor. LOL You can't read it. It is the dumbest thing I've EVER seen a computer do. I have IE 7 - but I can't open a new tab or it does this for minutes on end. Everytime I switch from one site to the next it does this....when I try to type an email....I haven't the slightest clue what is up now.

I'm trying to get our Shop natural order in before the computer crashes. I had to load the software to this computer and set up the entire member list again- I'd really like to complete the order before this crashes....I'm waiting on one order. The lady wanted to order last time and missed the deadline....she told me yesterday she wanted to order and I think I told her I needed her order by noon so I could do it tonight...but I can't reach her and I'm worried that if I wait much longer the entire thing will crash again...argh...what to do....

Going to click publsih...try to finish the Shop Natural and then update the blog. We'll see. If you don't hear from me via email or blog you'll know - the last computer has bit the big one.